mOmma Jack Teether Review

mOmma Jack Teether

Reviewed by Amanda Bowles

mOmma teethers come in three designs. Gino the yellow duck, Jack the blue seal and Fred the penguin.

We received Jack the blue seal who as suggested is a bright blue colour.

My son is 7 months old but was a premature baby so technically almost 5 months. These teethers are BPA free and suitable for babies 4 months and over.

The first thing you notice about the teether is its colour. It is very eye catching and even my 5 year old son likes it. The teether is multi textural and multi material. It has a soft squeezable material which is water filled for the round portion and a hard round head. In addition to this it has two ‘arms’ coming out of the round part which are multi textural for the babies to chew on. Or if they are like my son rub along their gums!

The round head has a face printed onto it. My son likes to smile at this and appears to recognise this as the front often turning it so it is facing him.

The teether is filled with water and by placing it in the refrigerator becomes much cooler to aid with relief from teething. Regardless of whether it has been in the refrigerator or not my son enjoys chewing on this and to be honest I haven’t seen a difference in his relief by cooling it.

The only issue I have found with the teether is it is quite weighty and as such my son often drops it. He is however a very small baby and I am sure as he gets bigger this will be less of an issue.

All in all the teether seems to be a good product which serves as much as a toy as it does a teether.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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