Modibodi Leakproof Underwear Review

Being a teenage girl can be tough, especially when puberty hits and it doesn’t get much better in adulthood. So having underwear and swimsuits that help protect against leaks, periods and incontinence can help with your confidence. Modibodi have a range of underwear and swimsuits that help with these issues and they kindly sent us a couple of items to try out from their RED range, which is specifically designed for younger bodies in youth sizes.

RED by Modibodi Racerback Swim One-Piece

My teenage daughter and I are very open with each other about women’s’ matters such as periods. When we were offered a RED by Modibodi Racerback Swim One-Piece (RRP: £65) to review we jumped at the opportunity. It arrived quickly, well packaged in perfect condition.  

The swimsuit is perfect for competitive or recreational swimming. It is black and made from shiny soft material. It looks of really good quality and therefore likely to last for years. My teenage daughter loves the racerback style of the swimsuit.

This product absorbency wise is suitable for use on a light/moderate day. It can cope with a flow of 10ml which equates to approximately 2 teaspoons or 2 tampons. My daughter is more confident swimming now during her period. She thinks that the material is so comfortable and you wouldn’t be able to tell what type of a swimsuit this is. 

What I like about this product too, besides the confidence boost it has given my daughter, is that fewer disposable liners and tampons are going to landfill or into our oceans, a fact that the Modibodi website usefully points out. For those with a heavier flow I think that teaming the swimsuit up with a tampon would be extra piece of mind as period related accidents like leakage can be so embarrassing.   

This product is available in youth sizes 8-10, 10-12, 12-14 and 14-16. The youth size 12-14 fits my daughter perfectly.

The outer fabric is made from polyamide Lycra. The liner is made from polyester and the trim from polyester and nylon.

I am actually considering buying an adult Modibodi swimsuit myself as I think it would boost my own confidence when swimming because I am so self-conscious about my bladder leaking whilst swimming. 

An easy 5/5 rating.

Modibodi Hipster Boyshort – Grey Marle

My teenage daughter and I were delighted to be offered a pair of RED by Modibodi Grey Hipster Style Boyshorts (RRP: £18.50) to review. They arrived quickly, well packaged and in perfect condition. She couldn’t wait to try them on. She was delighted with their look and how comfortable they were to wear.   

This product can cope with a moderate to heavy absorbency. The flow capacity is 15ml which equates to 3 teaspoons or tampons. Apart from the confidence boost these pants have given my daughter, I love the fact that by wearing them less panty liners and tampons are being sent to landfill, so this wonderful company is doing so much for the environment.

I am considering buying a few pairs of adult style underwear both from a heavy period point of view and also to help me avoid the embarrassment of bladder leakage.

Outer fabric – cotton Lycra. Liner – merino, spandex and polyester.  Trim – nylon.  

Wearing both of these items has really cut down my daughter’s stress and embarrassment during her periods. All of the designs are modern and stylish too and you would never guess that the underwear and swimsuit have a period related purpose.

An easy 5/5 rating.

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