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3M Command Hooks Review

Reviewed by Helen Noble

Using the revolutionary Command Adhesive, 3M Command Hooks hold strongly on a variety of surfaces, like painted drywall, finished wood, tile, metal and glass. And, they come off cleanly, leaving no holes, marks, sticky residue or stains. Best of all, you can reuse them with Command Refill Strips, allowing you to use them again and again.

I am a regular user of 3M Command products and have a variety of them in use around different rooms of the house. I love how you can choose the type of hook to suit not only the weight of the item you are wanting to hang but the colour and the style to suit your decor.  

The new metallic hook range look lovely, I got them in a lovely metallic gold finish although they are not made from metal as I was expecting, they do feel strong and sturdy, they are also available in stainless steel and copper colours, these ones can hold up to 225g so are perfect for hanging small wall décor, organising jewellery, keys, belts, small handbags, party decorations the list is endless. As I have just decorated I was needing something to hold all my keys and these not only do the job they look fab too.

The medium picture hanging strips hold up to 5.4kg come as a pack of 4, so are great for rehanging my canvas pictures, they remind me of stickle bricks the way they push together to grip and hold, these are just the thing when you would rather not put holes in your walls, Or if like me you have just newly decorated. They are so easy to apply and easy to remove if you need to reposition them. They are holding up very well at the moment and so far have not suddenly dropped off and scared me half to death like I have found in previous years with some other makes. 

And with Christmas just around the corner I have a variety of clips (outdoor light clips x16, clear mini hooks x6, clear decorating clips x20). I have used the decorating clips for holding up my Christmas lights around a UPVC window frame in my living room they are just the right size for the wire and with been clear you can’t see them.  On the walls to hang various other Christmas wall decorations I have used the mini hooks as these hold up to 225g and again these are clear so barely visible. The outdoor light clips hold a chunkier wire and again are clear these are holding lights around the outside window frame and can withstand temperatures -20 to 125 degrees just what we need in these freezing cold months, all the clips can be positioned either vertically or horizontally.

I find Command products really do stick well but only if you follow the correct application process. Application instructions can be found on the reverse of the packaging which is a great help therefore makes it easier to know which side of the sticker to peel first and stick accordingly. If you look on their website https://command.3m.co.uk you can find application and removal videos if easier to visually see. Also on the website they have more information on the uses of the hooks, clips and other products. They are very affordable to purchase and can also be found in most shops that sell DIY products. The Command hooks are suitable for a variety of indoor/outdoor surfaces, such as painted drywalls, finished wood, tile, metal and glass they are not recommended for use on wallpapered walls, textured surfaces or brick.

I have given all these 5 stars, highly recommend and no more holes.

Rating: 5/5

For more information visit command.3m.co.uk. Available to buy from supermarkets, DIY stores, Wilko and Amazon.

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