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Modibodi Active Running Shorts Review


Modibodi is a new brand for both men and women to eliminate the need for disposable personal items such as sanitary pads, tampons, and incontinence pads.

The products include underwear, sportswear, swim and maternity wear. They also come in a range of sizes and items are made of bamboo, Merino Perform wool and Microfibre and therefore are more sustainable than normal fabrics and presumably the materials match the necessity of the products. The linings are made of patented Modifier Technology for stain-resistance, and Modifier Air Technology for drying fabric during exercise.

How does this work with swimwear you may ask? Well Modibodi have Modifier Swim Technology for water repellent, leakproof materials used in swimming apparel.

We tried the Active Running shorts from the Modibodi Active range (£32.00 RRP) which come in black and are labelled as light/moderate flow. The website claims this is 10ml of flow which is equal to 2 tampons, which I don’t doubt! I tried these shorts out during an online fitness class, seeing as we’re in the middle of a lockdown and running in daylight isn’t really my thing. I am however used to lifting weights, cycling and yoga/pilates so his was a good test.

The shorts I was sent were for my size, and they did indeed fit snugly. I was relieved to see that they’re a proper dark black that doesn’t show any staining anyway, and I was impressed that they had both side and back pockets. The back pocket had a zip as well, which is useful if you are out running. The waist band was snug but not too tight, so my worry of shorts falling down during a run or workout were unfounded, and I found the waist especially to be really comfortable. The shorts are seem-free so there’s no lumpy bits to dig into you when you’re warming up or doing floor work. I felt the material was especially well fitting as it stretched in the right directions and was cooling as well as it allowed sweat to evaporate.

My only reservation is with the cut of the running shorts. I’m a size 14 and unfortunately these aren’t cut for those of us who aren’t stick thin. The cut doesn’t create an elegant silhouette with the side pockets sticking out and the shortness of the legs creating a V-shape, it wasn’t an attractive look! If your legs are less chunky than mine, you might be OK. Having said that, it didn’t mean that the shorts weren’t comfortable.

So, onto the workout. I stretched them every which way I could, and thankfully, they didn’t move, nor did they become uncomfortable. The absorbent lining was something I had to get my head round, but did work and didn’t move so it wouldn’t have created any embarrassing moments. Even though the shorts were very short they didn’t move to create an awkward gap, so if I were out running or stretching, they would be fool-proof!

In all, these are nice little shorts that are useful but would look better on someone slimmer or less self conscious about their length!

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £32.00

This product is available to buy from Modibodi here.

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