Mister Mascara Lash Curler Review

Mister Mascara Lash Curler

Urban Retreat

Reviewed by Katie Grainger

Simple colourful packaging and the red, black and white make it eye-catching. It was very easy to see exactly what the product looked like. I was able to open the packaging easily and get them out without any fuss.

I unfortunately inherited my father’s straight eyelashes, so this was an ideal product for me to review. The lash curlers are in Mister Mascara's signature red and black and look really stylish, and come with 6 spare pads. They feel sturdy but light and are comfortable to hold. They are rounded perfectly to follow the shape of the eye, without pinching the skin. The little rounded red pads that sit between the lash curlers give a smooth curve without crinkling the lashes.

I applied the lash curler for around 25 seconds and that left me with lovely curly lashes. It takes a bit of practice if you have never used eyelash curlers before, but these are easy to use and work great! On the handles where you put your fingers there are little red grips to stop fingers slipping and the spring mechanism helps you get good pressure, and they grab lashes really well. As I have naturally quite straight lashes I find using waterproof mascara after curling them sets quicker and keeps the curl. 

Since I started using eyelash curlers 10 years ago, these are in my top 3 out of all that I have tried. They are stylish, don’t nip the skin, quick and easy to use, and I think value for money as you get 6 spare pads. I would definitely recommend these! Something every girl should have in their makeup bag.

Rating: 5/5

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