Miffy Hooded Towel Review

miffyhoodedtowelMiffy Hooded Towel

Reviewed by Sarah Bowyer

The Miffy Hooded Towel arrived folded in a strong clear plastic bag within a large black plastic envelope which would make this a lovely gift.

My little boy loves his baths and hates it when it is time to get out even if the water is getting too cold, so having a good soft towel to wrap him is ideal and the Miffy Hooded Towel works a treat.

It is absorbent and cosy and a good size which makes drying my little wriggler a lot quicker and easier.

As well as using the hood to dry his head, I used the lovely Miffy rabbit motif as a distraction technique before, during and after getting him out of the bath. Luckily this provided enough entertainment to stave off the screaming until I got him in to his pyjamas.

I washed and dried the towel as per the instructions which are nice and bold and easy to follow. They are also handily located on the outside of the towel which avoids scratching or irritating my little man’s skin.

The towel dried really well. It dried soft and retained its shape which is handy when baths are part of our night-time routine, meaning I need a constant supply of clean, dry towels.

If I was going to be critical about the towel, the only slight negative would be that the towel is not super thick. However my little man isn’t wrapped in it for a huge amount of time so it isn’t a massive issue.

Overall I would give this towel a rating of 4 out of 5. I think if it was a little bit thicker it would make it a little bit cosier.

100% cotton. Size 70cm x 70cm.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £10

Available to buy from Miffy here.

4 Star

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