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Miffy Dinner Set Review

Reviewed by Sarah Bowyer

I got chosen to review the Miffy Dinner Set and I was so happy. I love Miffy.

This Miffy dinner set consists of a children’s plastic glass, plate, mug and a bowl.

The dinner plate and bowl are a really good size. They are made of melamine and are going to be tough wearing. There is a large lip around the edge of both the plate and bowl which makes it great for my young son to grab and pick up.

The glass is clear and the mug is made of melamine and is lightweight so again great for small hands.

None of the items are microwave safe but they are top rack dishwasher safe.

Each item is decorated with a different motif. The plate has Miffy stood in front of lots of toys. The bowl has Miffy on a swing. The mug has Miffy on a scooter and the glass has Miffy playing with a train and on the other side playing on some skates.

A great thing about this dinner service is that it is great for both boys and girls. The colours are lovely. All primary and bright which is perfect for children.

When I showed the dinner set to my son he was pointing out the rabbit and the toys that were on the plate. It was lovely watching him getting excited about it.

The dinner set arrived presented in a large box, with a clear front that showed off all the set. On the back it had some information and history about the creator of Miffy, Dick Bruna, who was from Holland.

I think this dinner set is lovely. The colours are perfect for young children and the classic Miffy motifs can be educational and keep little ones entertained.

Getting this dinner set has reminded me just how much I love the Miffy design and cartoon. It has inspired me to go and look on the website and I will probably be buying more Miffy goodies for my son.

I think this dinner set could make a lovely gift. I would (and I’m sure my little one would) be extremely happy if we had got this as a present.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £20

Available to buy from Miffy Shop here.


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