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Micro Scooters Micro XL Trike Review


Reviewed by Hannah Chan

The Micro XL Trike is one of those reviews that makes you squeal as soon as it arrives; this company is known for its Swiss quality and durability according to my many friends who own one of their scooters, and I was eager to see if it lived up to the hype.

I’m a busy mum of 3 and also mind my 2 year old nephew at least once a week. Whilst he is a joy, the school run can be a challenge as he either dawdles along making us late, or screams as I try to coax him into his pram. I was hopeful that this Micro Trike may be the solution.

The trike arrived very well packaged. There was no unnecessary plastic packaging or anything at all, which was brilliant as with their company ethics I would have been a little let down if it had. Inside the box was the trike, which was literally ready to go! Already put together and it just pops up, so easy. I was very impressed.  It comes in three colours; aqua, black and red. I received the aqua, which is a lovely unisex shade. The finish on the paint is lovely and soft, not that shiny type that peels off. There are no hard edges, everything well rounded.

There were instructions, but they weren’t really needed as putting it up was relatively straight forward as I mentioned before. The handle for steering can be raised by pulling it up and lowered using a small clip. Open the clip and the handle can be made shorter. The only thing that you should double check is the attaching of the safety harness if using it for your child. I recommend it, as it deters the child from jumping or helps to stop them from falling off.
Once built, my first impressions were that this trike is totally unique and striking in it’s design. Sleek, fresh and modern are just a few more appropriate adjectives! It does feel remarkably sturdy despite how it may appear.
Now this is the amazing part; the trike folds down flat to either hang up in the porch or hallway, or store easily in the corner of the car-boot or cupboard. It’s so light; 2.2kg, the same as just over two bags of sugar which is pretty amazing. This is perfect for my situation as my brother no longer needs to go to the trouble or bringing the pram into my home, and I don’t need to drag it out with us or bundle it into the car. Also if he wants to run, I can fold it up and carry it in one hand as easily as I would a scooter.

The steering for the trike is designed to be one handed and the handle height is easily adjustable and locked into place. The handle is a nice shape and easy to grip. The handle bars for the child are rubbery and rounded on the edges which is perfect in case your child might bump themselves on it, or walk into it.

With the lightweight metal frame and the positioning of the three wheels for balance, I found manoeuvrability easy when on flat pavements and didn’t feel any nervous wobbles as we wheeled along. Turning does take some practice at first so I gave myself a trial run in the garden as I was a little nervous that I may topple my nephew over but I soon managed. Also with the safety harness on, there wasn’t any reason to worry. The safety belt is a great feature particularly for younger children! It is easily removed to be cleaned too.

However on more rough terrain, bumpy pavements and kerbs it can be tricky to prevent the wobbles and I have to say I did have a few two-handed panic grabbing moments when walking through our local woods. Luckily my nephew thinks this is all part of the adventure, and I know in future to just take it a little slower and exercise caution on less flat surfaces.

So for me, one major drawback is that the Micro XL cannot venture everywhere that your pram or buggy might, so you need to consider how you intend to use it before you buy (I’m thinking sand and mud – a little mud is fine but for deeper mud wider wheels would be better). I also feel that a safety helmet is required, which is recommended by the manufacturer.

My nephew found the seat really comfortable and didn’t complain about any aspect of his ride, other than the fact I wasn’t zooming along fast enough. The seat is really well supported over the main part of the frame, so I am not worried it will split or bend at all.

He now thinks that he is a racing car driver on an adventure, and I can sense that he is enjoying the extra freedom away from the constraints of the pram. He is begging for a bell to fix onto the handle, which you can actually purchase from the same company.

The foot rest is also adjustable to the height of your child which just creates that comfortable ride and maintains good posture rather than having your child arching forward.  The Micro website is really easy to navigate and gives an abundance of useful information about the products. There are frequently offers, I am told, so perhaps look out for those when buying.

According to the website spare parts can be ordered if necessary. This is something that always worries me in case we have an accident that renders the entire thing useless because of one small part, so there is real peace of mind for me that the company appreciates this. I am unsure of the costs involved, but at least the option is there. The wheels are designed to be puncture free and I guess only time will test the strength of this feature.

The RRP is £89.95 with free delivery, two year limited warranty, and no quibble returns within 28 days. The price is perhaps towards the top end of the price range of the more traditional push along trike that I have seen. However this doesn’t feel like a comparable product; the Micro XL is more like a transition between pram and walking, rather than the well known trike-buggy hybrids which convert into a pedal trike. The Micro XL feels more “grown up”, less like a buggy in it’s appearance and a different product entirely; you cannot detatch the handle and there are no pedals. This product is purely designed to make your child feel that they are on a bike whilst push them along until they are ready to walk full time, scoot or cycle. It is fantastic for them learning balance too I have found.

This trike is suitable from the age of 18 months up until a 20kg maximum weight which by my estimate would be around the age of 4. Every child is different; friends of mine have pushed their children in prams up until the age of 5 as they just cannot walk a long way, whereas others stopped at around 2 and a half so I think personal circumstances dictate how much use your child and future children would potentially get from this trike and whether it is worth the investment. This is so much more fun than a pram and a great tool for parents in a hurry as well as tired legs. (I can also see how it would be fantastic for places like theme parks, if there was a safe space to store them. They are also really good for things like buses and trains where space might be limited and I would be confident to carry this on the train or bus if we were going on a day trip.

Therefore this product is perfect for a toddler who thinks they’re too big for the pram but can’t quite make it around the park, and particularly for those holidaying in the UK this year to save on boot space.  For me, this trike is a relief for my poor arms and back as I’m no longer forced to carry a worn out child. It is so light weight and much less stressful than negotiating a bulky buggy on public transport, that is if you can afford to surrender the under seat storage of the buggy and the “just in case” waterproof. I just wish there was a carry handle or strap as an option to attach when required, but I am trying to work out how I could potentially create my own.

I would score the Micro XL Trike 4.5 stars out of 5; a unique, robust design that’s made to last and provides a solution to the problem of transitioning from buggy to full-time walking.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £89.95

This product can be purchased from Micro here.

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