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Baby Born Magic Girl Review


Reviewed by Laura S

Baby born is celebrating its 30th Birthday in 2021. The time has flown by, when I remember my youngest sister receiving a Baby born doll for her birthday and how we all wanted to play with it. This was almost 30 years ago.
Dolls have evolved dramatically since I was a child some 30 years ago, with dolls now able to drink, eat, wee and cry, to name a few developments.

Something that hasn’t changed is that a doll is still a toy of choice for many children.  My daughter loves nothing more than playing with a doll and carrying out role play with it. She can spend hours playing at home pretending to feed, bathe, dress and cuddle her doll.

We were fortunate to be able to review Baby born Magic Girl by Zapf Creations. Magic Girl was a new concept to my daughter, up until now she had traditional dolls with only the eyes opening and closing. She was super excited when she learnt of the functions of Magic Girl. Some of features include: crying, drinking, weeing and pooing.

The first thing we noticed when the doll arrived was that it was entirely enclosed in the bright and appealing cardboard box; once the box was opened, Magic Girl, was carefully wrapped in paper and the accessories in a paper bag. The paper bag and wrapping had Baby born printed on it. What I found really pleasing was that all of packaging was 100% recyclable with no nasty plastics in sight or unnecessary extra packaging.  Due to the new, improved packaging, it meant my daughter could very easily remove the doll and accessories without issue by herself. This was a real bonus.

The doll is 43cm tall with moveable limbs and a head. I thought the doll was a good weight and was easy for my over 3 year old to move about.  The doll also came with 10 accessories: birth certificate, dummy, bowl, nappy, spoon, bottle, food sachet, potty and matching bracelets for Magic Girl and child.

The doll is dressed in a cute bunny outfit with a matching hat. Both are easily removed so that the doll can be dressed in other outfits.  The outfit was well made and good quality. We also received two additional outfits for Magic Girl, which can be purchased as extras- a dress and pyjamas. Again these were of good quality and easy to take and off Magic Girl

My daughter loved that she could give Magic Girl a drink of water or feed her and that if she pressed Magic Girls belly, she would wee or poo into the nappy or the potty. I was a little apprehensive at first about the mess my daughter would make with the water and food or how it be clean adequately afterwards, but I need not have worried. She was very good at the feeding.  The instruction booklet gives very clear guidance on how to clean Magic Girl after eating or drinking. The cleaning is very easy, but you need to remember to do it so that Magic Girl’s insides do not become clogged up or turn mouldy.

Giving the drink was just like feeding an actual baby a drink. You hold Magic Girl in the same way you would a baby and gently squeeze the water into its mouth.  The only feature we haven’t tried is taking Magic Girl into the bath. She is suitable for the bath but shouldn’t be fully submerged. I know that my daughter would become very excited and Magic Girl couldn’t be kept safe in the bath.

Our favourite feature is that Magic Girls eyes can be open and closed by rotating her dummy. The eye opening and closing works if Magic Girl is sat up or laid down. My daughter loves Magic Girl and her many different features and accessories. It will definitely be a toy that she will play with for a long time and for many years.  I love that the packaging is now fully recyclable and no nasty plastic. Also, Magic girl does not need any batteries in order to carry out her many functions. Another bonus.

I asked what she liked about Magic Girl ‘she’s like a real baby that I can feed and she poos’. ‘I like her different clothes’.

Magic Girl comes with one nappy and one food sachet, it would be great if an additional nappy and food sachet could be included. I have since bought additional nappies and food sachets but try to ration the usage. One thing I would love to be added to the accessories range are reusable nappies. Making Baby born Magic Girl, even more environmentally friendly.

Packet of five nappies RRP: £3.99

Packet of twelve food sachets RRP: £4.99

Additional outfits start from RRP: £7.99

Baby born Magic Girl has a RRP: £54.99. It can be purchased from here.

I score Baby born Magic Girl 5/5. She is worth every penny and would make a perfect gift for a child 3 years+. This is the recommended age and I agree due to the many small parts. We have had great fun playing at home with her.
Within the Magic range there is also a Magic Boy and Magic Girl brown eyes.

Rating: 5/5

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