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MFPA Watercolour Palette and Gift Wrap/Gift Tags Review


Reviewed by J Wright

We were offered the chance to review a watercolour palette and as a slightly arty family we were very happy to participate. The set is from the British Partnership of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) which was established in 1957and soon added a publishing house. The self help organisation was established by painter Erich Stegmann and a group of disabled artists from across Europe.

The website shows a range of artists who paint with the brush in either mouth or feet having lost the use of their hands and they produce a range of items for sale. Within the range of products available is the watercolour set, mixing palette and a set of Christmas wrapping papers we received. The watercolour tin is 22cm x 16cm x 1.5cm
We had a go with the watercolours, careful to use watercolour paper. The set has a range of warm and cool colour pigment and you can see in the images there’s a larger white block than the other colours.

The colours mix well with water and it’s easy to get the paint flowing, though each shade seems to have a variation in consistency and some are a little granulated and chalky.

There’s a brush in the tin which means you can order the starter set and be ready to paint on the day it arrives and it’s a decent brush, from the Major Brush Company. The paint spreads easily on the page, exactly as needed with a low viscosity to make a decent watercolour.

We received a mixing palette which is really useful and features a range of spaces to mix colours, it should be mentioned that the watercolour lid also offers additional space as a palette.

We managed to produce a few images and enjoyed using the set. As this is the starter set I think it’s great value for money and a lovely introductory package for anyone beginning watercolours.

The wrapping papers are lovely and a decent quality of paper with a high quality pattern printed on each. All the works are of the artists who are part of the Association and they earn from their products. There’s even a matching gift tag with each. I was really pleased with the array of designs and styles.

On the website you can find more artistic reproductions as greeting cards, calendars and other items. There’s also a Learn To Paint series, a range of video recordings where you can paint along with the artists of the MFPA and produce some really nice looking paintings. I haven’t tried it yet but I will and the starter set is just the thing to get started with.

This set would make a lovely gift for anyone beginning watercolours and it supports a brilliant organisation which gives disabled people lots of assistance to be fulfilled, develop their art and go on to make personal achievements and financial security. This could be just the place to buy your paper items and gifts for Christmas and notelets for Easter.

Rating: 4/5

You can learn more about from the British Partnership of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists and see some of their stunning artwork here.

You can buy the palette here at £10.00 which we thought was really reasonable  for the bundle.

There’s wrapping paper for sale here.

And you can follow the tutorials at Learn To Paint Series | MFPA.

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