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So Bomb DIY Aroma Bath Bomb Factory Review


Reviewed by Rachel Davis

Anyone who knows me well knows I am a bath bomb lover so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to review the So Bomb DIY Aroma Bath Bomb Factory. According to the website “it has everything you need to make your own amazing bath bombs” and I couldn’t wait to get started. I have 2 younger children who also couldn’t wait to get involved. The kit includes all the ingredients that you require to make up to 10 bath bombs including the option to add 3 different perfumes to add scent. It comes with  the bath bomb factory itself, 5 baking soda bags, 5 citric acid bags, 4 crystal salt bags, 3 ambience perfumes, tubes and spoons. It claimed it was easy so we couldn’t wait to see how easy it was.

They weren’t wrong. The factory comes with clear, easy to read instructions complete with images so even children would be able to follow these directions. However I chose to sit with them whilst they carried out their creative designs. There is an aroma guide to give you options regarding each of the flavours you can create. We absolutely loved following the instructions. It was a really fun activity to do as a family and there are lots of different parts to do so everyone has a chance to become involved. No-one is left out or left watching the other people doing it all. One thing I would be sure to recommend it that you make sure to leave the bath bomb 30 mins to dry. We actually left them to dry for longer (which is says you may need to do depending on the humidity).

The end result was great. The bomb bombs were beautiful, full of perfume and gave a good fizz when dropped in the bath, which let’s be honest, is all we are really looking for, especially the kids! I also particularly loved the mini bath bombs which are great for kids, where you might not want to use quite as much as the larger bath bombs. These were very sweet. The price of the set is £19.99 and I think this is reasonable for 10 bath bombs.  You are also paying for the experience of creating them which was lots of fun. This would make a really fun gift for someone of any age and any gender. Both my son and daughter, aged 6 and 9, loved this. As a parent I love anything that will keep the children engaged and off of screens and electronics and this was definitely a great option. With Christmas coming up I would absolutely consider this for a gift for nieces and nephews or even family gifts as everyone can get involved. Another great option is that when its all run out, you could easily purchase refills and continue to use the item. So from a sustainability point of view it’s not use and throw away. There was a lot of plastic in the packaging but as the ingredients need to be air tight I can’t see any other options there. A great item and would recommend highly to others. 

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £19.99

This product can be purchased from Smyths here.

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