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Rise English Wine Review


Reviewed by Helen Wyatt

I don’t drink a particularly large amount of alcohol, and I’m not very adventurous in my tastes when I do. I do drink wine, but usually will stick to the same old brand and type (does wine even come in types?!) as I know I like it. It also tends to be a £6 bottle from the local shop as I don’t want to spend more and then find out I don’t like it!

In steps Rise English Wine. I was offered the opportunity to review a wine subscription service so didn’t really know what I was going to receive. I was pleasantly surprised then to open a box containing two very fancy looking full-size bottles of wine, one white and one red, packaged very securely, and containing some interesting reading material – a note card about each wine, including detailed notes about the vineyard and the winemaker for each, so you can really get to know the wines you’ve been sent. You also get a tasting card which tells you how to properly drink wine to get the best experience.

Rise English Wine was created by Alice and Ben, who love to explore the UK food and drink scene. This service provides subscription wine to you by way of a curated wine club which they say is by wine lovers, for wine lovers. Alice and Ben travel around the country, discovering and sampling the best of English wine and meeting independent wine makers. They hand pick diverse and delicious wine, from large-scale award winning vineyards to small batch small scale ones, to help the customer expand their wine knowledge and discover new favourites.

The enclosed information with the wines gave me information about the alcohol level of each wine, the appearance, the nose, the grape varieties, the palate, and the food pairing, along with information on why Rise love that particular wine, information about the vineyard, and the winemaker. Each A5 card is a very comprehensive overview of each wine, with information for everyone from the person who just wants to enjoy the wine and wants a little information (like me!), to someone who really does understand more about the “nose” of wine and wants lots more. I’m not sure I understand how a wine can have the appearance of a “teeny hint of skin contact” but it was interesting to understand more about the winemaker lingo!

The first wine I tried was a Renegade “Melissa” 2019 Pinot Grigio. This wine came in a very distinctive bottle, with the label showing a high quality close up photograph of a pair of eyes, in this case a person who the enclosed information tells me is a person who lives in the UK, and the wine bottle label tells me is a person called Melissa, 22, a market researcher from East Yorkshire. The winemakers Renegrade allow anyone to apply to be on their wine labels and are keen to photograph the same people over the years, to show age with vintage.

Melissa was, well, delicious! It was a nicely clean wine, dry without being too dry. It was a lovely smooth drink, and quite a rounded flavour which, as the card says, was not your usual pinot grigio. I very much enjoyed this wine and admit to drinking it all to myself over a couple of nights!

The second wine was a Bolney Lychgate Red 2018. I have been known to say that I “don’t like red wine” due to some dodgy previous red wine experiences, so I was intrigued to know if this wine could be different. The label on the bottle was very classy, a simple white with black and silver text, explaining that the wine was produced on a family estate in the heart of Sussex. My nose for wine is very unsophisticated, but the card indicated that the wine should have aromas of hedgerow fruit, black cherry and black pepper. I poured this wine and gave it a deep sniff as suggested, and while I am not sure I could pick up all the aromas, the wine did smell beautifully fruity with a hint of something peppery. This wine was delicious also, with a rounded medium palate making it very tasty to sip away at too!

These were two amazing wines to try, which I never would have thought of picking up in a shop as I am just so unadventurous, so this is a great way to try something different.

You can choose to purchase two wines every month which will be a bottle of still white, paired with a sparkling, red or a rose. A one-off purchase costs £55, including free delivery.

The website is generally very easy to navigate, with a bright logo, clear information and eye-catching photos. There are unfortunately some broken links, and while this is marketed as a subscription wine company, I couldn’t find any information about how to actually subscribe, which I would expect to be an automatic delivery every month for a set fee. Each purchase appears to just be available as a one off instead. I also found a few mistakes in the tasting leaflet which while slightly irritating to a pedant like myself, don’t detract from the very helpful and insightful information within it. The white text on the peachy background is also not always the easiest to read.

Those minor points aside, this would be a great gift to any wine lover as they will always get something different to try, which are two handpicked premium English wines. This could make an especially excellent Christmas present.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £55

This product can be purchased from Rise English Wine here.

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