Meter Bar and Eatery


On Wednesday 21st March, Meter – Bar & Eatery, 70–74 City Road, London will open, offering a slice of Italy in urban Shoreditch and where Italy’s finest export – pizza – will be served by the meter alongside an exciting drinks list, all set to a discerning soundtrack thanks to owner, acclaimed DJ James Priestley.

Since opening The CAMP two years ago, James has firmly established it as a leading destination celebrating the world of music and art. Technically a ‘temporary space’, this is one of London’s most long-standing pop-ups and with not long left on the clock, what better ingredient to add than food …

In keeping with The CAMP’s open approach to music and art, where established DJs and artists sit comfortably alongside newcomers to the scene, a simple menu seems befitting and thanks to James’ long-standing love affair with Italy, proper pizza ‘alla pala’ is the absolute natural choice. In keeping with The CAMP’s philosophy to celebrate the very best of whatever they do, this will be pizza made using the very best dough and the very best ingredients sourced either locally or from Italy.

Italian chef Valentino Fontana will head up the kitchen and has been making pizza for as long as he can remember – having worked in the pizzeria next door to where he was bought up in Naples there is nothing Valentino doesn’t know about his hometown’s favourite food. Cooked with love and diligence the pizza at Meter, as the name suggests, will be sold by the meter and identified by numbers; ‘Uno’ being tomato, mozzarella and basil whilstDue’ is tomato, anchovies, capers, olives and garlic and so it goes on until ‘Nove’ speck, mascarpone, walnuts, mozzarella and radicchio. Other ‘kicks’ will include homemade scamorza croquettes, veal and almond meatballs as well as some signature Italian ‘Dolci’ including affogato and tiramisu.

The bar at Meter will also be an important feature, where a short but perfectly formed drinks list will provide an ideal excuse to enjoy a pre or post dinner drink as well as a late weekend night. Like the food at Meter, the drinks will be crafted from fresh ingredients and every one of the carefully chosen cocktails will be made to perfection. Here the likes of a Spritz sit happily alongside a Punt e Mes Cobbler and a full selection of Italian wines and international and locally brewed beers will be on offer too.

Working closely with Geoff Walker of Re-Fuze, Meter is fully in keeping with its East London surrounds; exposing the original terrazzo flooring, using reclaimed wood for area partitions, and a great selection of mid-century seating and sofas help create an interesting and contemporary space in an eclectic and creative environment.

Like Naples, the home of pizza, Shoreditch provides a busy, vibrant metropolitan backdrop to this simple cuisine. Whilst the music, atmosphere and design all compliment Shoreditch’s contemporary energy and fun, the food will be a delicious and relaxing antidote.

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