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Melissa & Doug Wooden Pizza Party Set Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

We love pretend play in our house, and my 7-year-old in particular is forever ‘cooking up’ delicious meals for the whole family with the play food set that she’s been building up since she was around three! Probably her favourite treat in the world is when we decide to order a pizza delivery, and because we use an app to do this, she can add and remove toppings to her heart’s content and she is forever playing on her pizza-topping design game on her iPad. So the idea of a toy that she can use to design, top, slice and serve pizza to the family was always going to be something that she would enjoy, and that’s exactly what she got when Melissa & Doug kindly sent us their Wooden Pizza Party set to review.

Wooden toys are always so much nicer to play with than plastic ones, and everything in this set is made out of lovely, chunky and colourful wood pieces. Contained in the set is:

  • Wooden pizza tray with ingredient compartments
  • Wooden pizza, cut into 6 slices
  • Wooden plate
  • Wooden pizza wheel
  • Wooden pizza server
  • 54 x wooden pizza toppings (pepperoni, mushrooms and veggies)

My daughter thought this set was absolutely wonderful and got straight to work taking orders from everyone in the house! Each of the slices of pizza has a Velcro dot on both sides, so the pizza holds together perfectly until you decide to use the pizza wheel to take a slice out. There are also three dots of Velcro on the top of each slice of pizza so you can firmly add the toppings to the pizza without them falling off whilst you’re delivering them to the recipient.

The set was such fun for her – she enjoyed going around the room with her notepad taking orders as well as totting up the bill along with extra charges for extra toppings (great for her maths and writing skills!). Just like all of the Melissa & Doug toys that we have had before, the set feels substantial and the quality is doubtless fantastic. The pizza cutter works really well and really does spin and separate the slices of pizza.

Even the container box that it come in is wooden and has somewhere to store the pizza, the plate, the tools and the toppings so the set can be kept together and there is no wastage or tonnes of plastic to dispose of. For my daughter, the box also formed part of the game as it was either the pizza delivery box or the pizza oven, depending on where in the pizza-making process she was up to!

It’s lovely to see the kids playing with real, tactile toys and I do think that pressies like these spark so much more joy and excitement when they’re being unwrapped on Christmas morning than plastic toys, electronics or toys that need hours of assembly so – they can just dig in and play straight away, no batteries required!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £15

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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