Masterchef Live Review

On Sunday 13th November we went to masterchef live at Olympia. I had real trouble sleeping the night before as I was so excited!

When we arrived and went in all the people we met were so helpful and friendly.

As you walked in there was an abundance of stalls to walk round and a massive stage where people were cooking and Andi Peters was on stage.

We decided to start upstairs and work our way down.

At nearly every there was something to try, we tried lots of different oils, breads, cheese and meat.

Everyone selling was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the products they were selling.

There was also other household products being demonstrated which was interesting to see as they were quite high end and things that perhaps you wouldn't want to buy unless you knew how they worked.

There was also restaurants offering a lunch menu which was exciting to see and that you had to buy special tokens to be able to buy the food and it was also very reasonable priced.

The first highlight of the day was when Emma Forbes joined Andi Peters on stage because being of a certain age I used to watch them together on saturday morning tv, so was very excited by that.

Then it was topped when Gregg wallace and John Torode appeared, they were both very charismatic and funny when they came out.

While we were walking around up on stage you had some very brave people taking part in a live version of the tv show, Andi Peters was talking and saying about his time on the show.

Overall it was a very good day and I had a brilliant time.

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