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Maped Color’Peps Review

MAPED LOGOMaped Color’Peps

Reviewed by Lisa Lambert

Color’Peps Jungle Felt Tip Pens
The felt tip jungle comes well packaged and is easy to open and set up. The pens are in a silicone dome and it has slots for each felt tip pen instead of them having individual lids. We found this a really good concept and definitely saves on losing lids and pens drying out. You can close the silicone dome back up once finished and it store really easily. Our one criticism about this product would be the silicone dome needed to be a little bit sturdier as it is a little floppy when trying to put the pens back in.


There are 12 felt tips in the stand (Apple green, bubble blue, lovely pink, red kiss, blush, marshmallow, green golf, marina blue, sunny yellow, fruity orange, dark black, woody brown) they are a fine tip pen and are really good to colour with.

Color’Peps Smoothy Crayons
I am going to start by saying WOW. We really liked these, there are a funny crayon as you can do some really cool shading and colouring with these. They are not you standard wax crayon but like a pastel. We experimented with these applying different amounts of pressure and them smudging techniques. These are such a fab idea and my little girl age 9 totally fell in love with them and has really enjoyed creating some great are pieces.


There are 12 crayons in a great little plastic storage case, the colours are: Bright pink, light green, brown, orange, yellow, purple, dark blue, black, dark green, red, light blue, peach.

Color’Peps Duo
These were great for my little boy who is aged 6 he really enjoyed drawing some pictures and colouring in. He really liked the two colours in one pencil concept and as a typical 6 year old boy would kept mixing the lids up but he found this funny and it made him happy which was finer by me.


The felts tips are great and provide a perfect coverage for colouring or drawing things. There are 10 pens so 20 colours in total also various shades of colours. They come in a cardboard box which is sturdy enough to use to store the pens after use and my boy had no problem getting the pens in and out the box.

Overall Summary
As a parent I was really pleased with these products and I think the price really reflects the quality you are getting (prices range from £3 to £10 roughly). I would certainly be looking at other pens in the range for my daughter as she is really into arts and crafts and she got so much enjoyment out of these. I was overjoyed though that when they went to wash their hands after them being covered in pen they cleaned extremely easily with soap and water unlike some felt tips you get. This was a great tick in the box for me. Would definitely recommend these products to other parents or people doing craft sessions.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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