Malcolm in the Middle First Season Review


Malcolm in the Middle
The Complete First Season

Reviewed by David Savage

Starring: Frankie Muniz, Bryan Cranston, Jane Kaczmarek
Certification: 12
Running Time: 390 minutes (approx.)
Format: DVD
Number of Discs: 3
Number of Episodes: 16
Release Date: 24 September 2012

Malcolm in the Middle is an American TV series about Malcolm, a genius schoolboy with an IQ of 165, and his life growing up as the middle child. He has two older brothers and a younger brother and along with his harassed mother and meek father he keeps finding himself in some sort of trouble.

Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) is a normal child who gets put into the gifted class at school because of his high IQ. This is a constant cause of problems at home and school even though he meets his best friend there, Stevie, an asthmatic in a wheelchair. 

He and his siblings, including his eldest brother who has been sent away to military school for his bad behaviour, are always getting into some kind of trouble and it’s left to Frankie to mastermind ways of getting them out of trouble or occasionally getting his brothers into trouble. This always sees him and his brothers getting lectures from their outspoken, opinionated and harassed mum (Jane Kacmarek) while the meek, mild-mannered and accident prone father (Bryan Cranston) does nothing.

Overall, this is a funny and entertaining sitcom as seen through the eyes of Malcolm. Jane Kaczmarek is excellent as the mother.  With his 3 other brothers, crazy mother, well-intentioned father and geeky classmates it is a recipe for disaster and great laughs. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these DVD’s (I had never watched them on TV before) and were great fun and very enjoyable with loveable characters. Great fun for the whole family to enjoy.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from 24 September from Amazon here.

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