Made to Last Foxford Bright Checks Mohair Throw Review


Reviewed by Louise Totton

It might not be one of the first things you would think about in August, when we are supposed to be in the height of summer but it’s been a bit chilly on an evening up in Yorkshire for the past few nights. We’ve had driving rain and a bit of a cheeky breeze, but my other half is adamant – it’s still the summer and we are categorically NOT putting the heating on. I actually read something last year that said one of the main causes of tension in the home in winter is so called ‘thermostat wars’, and I can well imagine it!

To me, the solution is to have a lovely, cosy, throw over the settee in the lounge. If you can find just the right one, it will not only keep you warm and snug without having to turn the heating on, it will also add a sense of style and homeliness to your lounge and I have to say that I think there are fewer finer things that sitting in a cosy lounge with a hot milky coffee, wrapped in a woolly blanket or throw!

Made to Last have a massive range of beautiful throws on their website, from bright and bold patterns to more muted and classic options, but the one thing that they all have in common is the sheer quality of the products. Made to Last stock merino wool throws, mohair throws, cashmere and lambswool, as well as a stunning range of soft furnishings and furniture.

We were sent a beautiful Bright Check mohair throw by Foxford to try out. This throw is 75% mohair and 25% wool, so it is a 100% natural fibre product – there isn’t a synthetic thread in sight! the throw is a fantastic size at 140cm x 170cm, and it fitted perfectly on my 3-seater settee. The pattern on this throw is a very bright and striking large check, and I absolutely love it.

The pattern starts in the centre, with shades of green, and the colours change and get brighter towards the edge of the throw. I love how the different colours and panels merge and contrast with each other and there are some beautiful combinations. I have the throw on my sea green settee, but I think it would look great with almost any colour, as long as the sofa is reasonably plain.

I was incredibly impressed with the quality of my throw. It was far thicker than I expected it would be and because of this, it ‘sits’ really nicely on the settee. Cheaper throws can sag or look creased very quickly as they are so thin, whereas this one is so thick and substantial that it holds its shape and form perfectly and it looks fabulous on the settee.

I also loved the fringe on the throw – it isn’t like lots of the one I’ve seen before that have tassel type fringes, this one has a cut fringe, which I think looks very classy and a little bit different. It’s incredibly warm and cosy to wrap around yourself when you’re sat watching tv, and we’ve also used it as a blanket on the sofa when the kids have been feeling poorly or not themselves to have a snooze on the sofa.

Everyone in the house loves it, and we’ve even had visitors comment on how lovely it is and that it adds a sense of cosiness and warmth to the room, which is otherwise quite plain and minimalist. As you would expect from at item made of materials like this, you do have to be careful not to spill on it, as it certainly won’t go in the washing machine and needs to be dry cleaned.

I am delighted with the throw, and think there are lots of other quite stunning items on the Made to Last website. Just like the throws, all of the items are made from premium materials and are designed to work perfectly and look beautiful. I have particularly fallen in love with a number of items in their range of sofa beds, and when I do come to replace my sofa, have already decided I want the flexibility of sofa bed so Made to Last will certainly be somewhere I will look to buy from!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £95 (currently £81.99)

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