Lotil Skincare Review

Seriously good for all dry skin

Reviewed by Deborah Mackenzie

Do you know that feeling when you first fall in love? How you just can’t stop wanting to be with them? Well, this is the feeling that Lotil has given me since I received the products to review. My skin, especially my feet and hands get particularly dry and I found that I would use cream consistently through the day, but after just two days of using Lotil in the morning and at night my skin is not as scratchy or looking like a dried out lizard. I really can’t praise this cream enough.

At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect as the packaging is very simple, white with blue lids and writing, except the foot cream that has a bright green lid and writing. The tubes and containers are sturdy, so putting them in your bag or luggage you will have no worries of creamy bursts.

Lotil has a distinct scent, would call it clinical and clean, but it is not unpleasant. Its cream is thick and luxurious and does not leave you feeling greasy or slimy. Honestly, this is one of my biggest hates with creams, and am so excited that I have now found out about this secret called Lotil. It is quick to be absorbed and leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and hydrated.  

Lotil has been around for 100 years (wow!) and its recipe of ingredients have hardly changed. It is specifically formulated to be used on hands, elbows, knees, body and face for all dry skin conditions in:

  • Inflamed, irritated and itchy skin
  • Chapped hands
  • Flaky skin
  • Cracked heels

Using it daily or several times like after washing your hands, cleaning or gardening, helps to heal, protect and prevent dry skin and flare up. Hey guys or gals see that burning and scraped feeling you get from shaving? Go get Lotil, it is amazing! My legs after shaving always felt tight, dry and at times burning, one use of Lotil made them feel amazing, plus with the quick absorption I could dress straight away without my clothing sticking to my legs.

Lotil is gently medicated, this is what gives it a unique smell, contains anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that provides a long-lasting barrier to infection.  The ‘seriously good foot cream’ also has added aloe vera extract. It locks in moisture as it penetrates deep into the skin working its magic.

Lotil cream is available in many handy packaging to fit everyone’s lifestyle. It comes in an extra-large 500ml container with pump dispenser, perfect for the bathroom and for all the family uses. For general use the 114ml tub is ideal, but I love that you can get two different size tubes, 50ml and 30ml, great for your bag, days out and when you go on holiday. I now have a tube in my car too, which is great as I have it wherever I am and for all situations.

You can buy Lotil at all good pharmacies, Boots, Amazon, Chemist Direct and Welricks. It is also a great price so affordable to every home. It is perfect for a gift whether it be for a birthday, Easter (far better than chocolate), Christmas or just a ‘love you’ gift to someone you know who appreciates a quality skin cream.

I am feeling totally grateful that I have found a new friend, Lotil, who will be with me every step of my day. Lotil makes me feel amazing, confident and my skin is soft, luxurious and health again.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7 (114ml)

For more information visit Available to buy from

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