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Reviewed by Louise Totton

If there’s one thing that teens and pre-teens like, its being individual and having their own identity. That’s all well and good at home, but it’s a little more difficult a school, where they have to wear a standard uniform, and if your kids’ school is anything like my kids’ school, wear regulation shoes, coats and even have their hair conform. I have no issue with this at all, and I love sending the girls off to school looking smart and like they ‘belong’ to something.

At home, the kids have their bedrooms as their own personal spaces, and they take full advantage of it, especially with their bedside tables and shelves, but again, that’s more difficult at school. My eldest starts high school next September, and one of the things that she is most looking forward to is having a locker. For some reason, they’re cool – it’s probably come from lots of American high-school TV programmes, but she’s already started talking about personalising it and making it her own.

When I was at school, this was done with a few stickers that came free with Smash Hits magazine and possibly a mirror from a broken make-up compact that was Blu-tac’d to the door! These days, however, it is no great surprise that kids have got far more options open to them and we were lucky enough to be sent some fabulous locker personalising items from Locker Days.

Locker Days sells a number of products perfectly designed and suited to standard-sized school lockers, and that attached to the lockers using only magnets meaning no scraping sticker gunk off on the last day of term whilst being threatened with detention if it doesn’t clean up properly. The range includes faux-fur locker ‘carpets’, wallpapers, magnetic pen pots, sparkly pegs, mirrors, magazine holders and more!

We were sent:

We haven’t been able to try these out in an actual locker yet, but keen to get going with them, my daughter has set them up at her desk. The desk has a magnetic backing, so is actually ideal for the Locker Days stuff, so she has hers set up for creating a personalised work area at home, so she can enjoy doing her homework in her own space. Because it is all attached magnetically, it shouldn’t rip or get damaged when it comes to moving it, so when she does start high school, she can use it in her locker there.

We had great fun choosing the items from the Locker Days website, and she particularly liked that you can build your own locker on the website and it creates an image of what your locker will likely look like with all of you chosen items in it. When the items arrived, we weren’t disappointed and loved how they came – wrapped in lovely turquoise tissue paper, which made them feel like a real treat for her.

The quality of the items are really good, and they do feel like they are made to last. The wallpaper is pre-cut, so it should fit standard school lockers without needing to cut it. There are two larger pieces for the sides of the locker, and one narrower piece for the back. We loved the flamingo and pineapple pattern, and my daughter said that it was really cool and trendy. My only slight concern is the thickness of the paper and whether it will stand up to daily use in a busy school locker. I have no doubt it will be absolutely fine at the desk but I do think she will have to be a lot more careful than she is now once it migrates to school!

The pen pot feels very substantial and the leather-effect geometric pattern is really stylish. The top is stitched as well as glues, and the back of the pen pot has a large magnetic sheet attached. This means that it can be stuck to the locker door, and because the magnetic sheet is a good size, it will support a decent number of pens (or makeup brushes or other trinkets, if your child’s school allows these).

Our set was finished off with a set of three very bright and funky sparkly wooden pegs, which are also magnet-backed. These are super for creating a very personal space, as the kids can use the pegs to pop photographs of them and their friends into. Finally, the pack of six magnetic buttons are a lovely little addition and they feature very ‘on-trend’ little statements such as Dream Big, On Fleek and Shine Bright on a rose gold background.

We have had super fun creating a personalised workspace for my daughter. I am hoping that because she has helped to choose and build it, she will be more invested in it and will spend more time in it to do her homework properly. It looks brilliant, and she is already looking forward to starting high school, which has got to be a bonus!

Rating: 4.5/5

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