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Little Tikes Rescue Tales Groom ‘N Go Pet Backpack Review


Reviewed by Nia Lock

My children have been asking for a pet for a long time.  It’s a subject that comes up every birthday and Christmas but unfortunately, I can hardly keep up with the mess the children make on their own!

The Little Tikes Groom ‘n Go Pet Backpack is the closest we’ve ever got to having a real live pet and it’s been a hit with all the children as it’s not like anything else they own.

The box it arrives in is excitingly large, all the parts of the toy are clearly displayed, and I think this makes it look really appealing to a small child.  I was pleased to find that there wasn’t a plastic screen on the front of the box, and it was mostly made of cardboard although it did take quite a while to unpack the toy as it was very well fixed in with various bands, ties etc. 

The pet is a super fluffy Pomeranian dog, it’s very soft and strokable and has a slightly sad looking face with a little pink tongue hanging out. It just begs to be looked after and was instantly loved when it was taken out of the box.  Our Pomeranian has been named ‘Rebecca’ which I think suits it. 

My children love anything that comes with accessories and this toy comes with ten things to help you care for your new pet.  They particularly love the doughnut. We aren’t really sure if dogs are supposed to eat doughnuts though, and so that’s been adopted as a child snack instead.

The hard plastic backpack opens out into a sort of salon arrangement with a rotating table for the pet to stand on. All the accessories such as the snacks and the blanket are stored underneath the part where the dog sits.  The comb, mirror and bows which are nicely displayed at the front of the box when it arrives all fit into the wall of the backpack behind where the dog sits making it all very neat for transporting it.  The backpack has adjustable straps, and it seems quite comfortable to wear for the little ones, they have been keen to wear it to the park, on the school run, even to the shops.  They seem to have trouble getting the ice cream barettes into the hair of the dog but they don’t seem to mind that too much, they’ve just worn them in their own hair instead.  Quite a lot of combing has gone on although the hair doesn’t seem to get tangled up.  It would be nice if the collar that the dog is wearing was removable as it is fixed to the dogs chest which caused some concern for my smallest child who was unhappy with this arrangement.  They also needed to find a different blanket as they wanted to wrap the whole dog in it.

This is a good toy which has brought a lot of happiness with it but it is quite expensive in itself.  At almost £42, it would count as a main present for my own children at Christmas time or for a birthday.  The recommended age for this toy is 3 to 6 years + which seems about right to me.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £41.99

This product can be purchased from Little Tikes here.

For more information please visit the Little Tikes website here.

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