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Little Live Pets Beauty Bella Review

LittleLivePetsBeautyBellaLittle Live Pets Bird Cage
Beauty Bella

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Having recently seen the television advert for Little Live Pets I knew my 8 year old daughter Kate would love her pet Beauty Bella.

Bella is a very attractive toy and a joy to look at, her body is purple, her beak is yellow and pink and she has pink, yellow and blue wings.

Bella arrived well packaged and in the Try Me mode meaning her batteries wouldn’t run out before opening.

Bella comes with her own cage which is baby blue and white with a seed and water tray and a swinging perch.

Upon opening I read the instructions and waited for Kate to arrive home from school.KateBella

Before I knew it Kate’s school bus pulled up and Kate came dashing through the door and saw Bella and immediately began to play with her.

Kate has Autism and can find new toys a little difficult which I found out when Kate attempted to record a message for Bella to repeat so I helped her but she couldn’t quite figure it out. I am sure in time she will.

Bella has several functions…

Talkback – Bella will repeat a short message containing whatever you say to her simply by holding in the talk button and waiting for her to chirp. The message will be repeated by Bella until you record another.

Petting – Bella has a touch sensor on her back and will tweet when stroked, if you continue to stroke and pet Bella her tweeting goes on for longer and eventually she whistles a tune.

Sleeping – As with all pets Bella like attention and if you leave her alone for too long she will tweet, chirp and sing to get your attention! This function shuts off after 30 minutes which means no waking up the household during the night.

To get Bella out of sleeping mode you simply press her talk button again and she springs back into life with her lovely tweets.

I have a feeling that Beauty Bella is going to become a firm favourite of Kate’s as we are a pet free household so Beauty Bella is Kate’s very own pet but without the mess!

I can imagine Little Live Pets will be on many children’s Christmas lists this year.

A beautiful little toy which will have your little one transfixed in seconds!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £19.99 | Suitable age: 5 years + | Dimensions (cm): 19 x 15.2 x 28.2

Available to buy from Character Online here.


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