Let It Be at the Manchester Opera House Review

LetItBe1Let It Be
Opera House, Manchester

29 February to 5 March 2016


Reviewed by Linzi Davies

I set off to see this show on a drizzly, windy February evening, due to this I looked for the nearest reasonable priced car park which was in the nearby Water Street, a few minutes walk away. Expensively priced during the day but only £7 between the hours of 5pm and midnight plus the promise of a further discount if a theatre goer sealed the deal. We arrived at just on 7pm nipped across the road to a local Tesco for goodies before arriving to find ourselves the wrong side of a closed door. At 7:10pm we were informed that the rehearsal had overran so the auditorium hadn’t yet been opened so the people already inside were blocking the waiting areas and bars as they had nowhere to go, as you can imagine there was a considerable number of unimpressed theatre goers stood outside in the cold and wet. Finally at 7:20pm the doors were opened so I went to the press desk to get the tickets whilst my better half went to get our car park ticket validated for a grand further reduction of……. Absolutely nothing! The price remained at £7 but paid direct directly to the Opera House, hmmm strange one.

We took our seats in Row W, a few rows in front of the sound guys who constantly chatted as the performance began. Now I’m not sure what I was expecting but having seen the very cleverly written, ‘We Will Rock You’ which had amazing story attached to the music of Queen, I was hoping to be as impressed.

I most certainly wasn’t impressed. I don’t know too much about The Beatles and was hoping this show would fill in some gaps, educate me on the Fab Four and not just be a tribute band and tonight not a particular good one. I’m not sure if there was a few issues with sound but the vocals were difficult to hear and although people were kind of clapping along, that seemed to be more at the groups insistence rather than totally through choice. I just didn’t get it. The songs were ok but left me feeling a bit flat, the accents were shocking. The auditorium was not full when the show began and by the time the interval came, I had watched people leaving in droves. The positives, Emanuele Angeletti’s ability to play the guitar left handed, in fact the guys playing instruments were fabulous, although the man dressed in black t-shirt and jeans randomly stood at the back of the stage playing the keyboard during the Sgt Peppers colourful repertoire was somewhat bizarre. The fifth Beatle???  Two others positives were the lighting effects which were particularly fabulous during the Shay Stadium concert and finally the programme, an actual insight into The Beatles and some of their stories.

There are many Beatle tribute bands up and down the Country that I’m sure fill pubs weekend after weekend that don’t charge between £20 & £50 for the privilege. Just not good enough.

Rating: 1/5

Tickets cost from £22.90 to £37.90 (plus £2.85 transaction fee).

Let It Be is at the Opera House in Manchester until  5 March 2016. For more information or to book tickets click here or call the box office on 0844 871 3018.

Opera House, 3 Quay Street, Manchester, M3 3HP | 0844 871 3018

1 Star

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