LEGO Mias Puppy House Review

LEGO Mia's Puppy House

Reviewed by Veronika Royle

I have recently been sent a new LEGO set to review and although I have been an avid LEGO fan for years, I was quite sceptic about this new "Friends" range. It is aimed at girls, the minifigures are bigger than the usual minifigure and it was just not sitting right with me. 
Well I was in for a surprise.

I let my son play with it – he is 2 1/2 and maybe not quite the target audience but he simply loved it! DUPLO is good, but this was much better! Even the considerably smaller pieces didn't bother him at, quite the opposite as he saw it as a new challenge.

He loved the girl and her little dog and got both daddy and mummy involved to make sure that the flowers and the tree were built to his instructions. Now there isn't much to this set, considering its price 9.99 however we have been having tons of fun and playtime. The dog would be wearing different accessories, the flowers would be different, or they simply need rescuing by the big DUPLO Fire Engine.

Overall this new set and the range has convinced me, that although LEGO is predominantly aiming this range at girls, it can be enjoyed by both boy and girls alike and that the size of the minifigure makes no difference whatsoever.

LEGO Friends has absolutely exceeded my expectations. As usual all pieces were well manufactured and fitted nicely, even for little fingers. We had loads of creative play instead and enjoyed the inspirations leaflet. My son was probably not quite the right target audience, but he managed just fine, it’s all about imaginative play. It was inspirational and encouraged creative play. We absolutely love the variety of uses. I would absolutely wholeheartedly recommend LEGO Friends to my friends. At 9.99 it’s at the upper pocket money bracket, but you can count at LEGO to be good quality, which you pay for.

Well done LEGO. I have since had twin girls who can play with it after their brother when they are older!

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from LEGO here.

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