LeapPad 2 Review


LeapPad 2


by Brian Grehan & Lauren (age 7)

Earlier in the year we had the privilege of reviewing the first LeapPad. Now we have the chance of investigating the new LeapPad 2! All we can say is WOW! Being very impressed by the first pad we did not think Leap Frog could do anything better but how wrong were we!!!

LeapPad 2 is definitely an improvement on the first tablet. Again everything is educationally based. But this new version is slimmer and sleeker and the fact that the stylus is attached to the tablet is a great innovation.

Like the first tablet getting started is a bit of a challenge but once you're up and running downloading games and books from your PC is very simple to do. The games and books are geared towards learning while they have fun all the games are easy to play. Again big names like Disney and Nickelodeon offer games and books that can be downloaded for the LeapPad 2.

As with the first LeapPad pet pad is available on the second tablet. This is a brilliant app where your child creates and cares for their own virtual pet. They learn so much from this tool on the tablet and like a lot of applications on the tablet encourages them to use their limitless imaginations.

Leap Frog have improved the quality of the cameras on the LeapPad2 which will mean that our little reviewer will no doubt play around with pictures of everyone that she can take!

Again she has set about making her own video diary with her own unique commentary videoing everyone whether they wanted to be in the diary or not. I was trying to avoid it but she managed to catch me when I least expected it causing much laughter on her part!

I didn't think that the LeapPad could be surpassed but the LeapPad 2 certainly does that. I gave the first one 6 out of 5 in the last review this one would definitely have to have a 7 or 8 out 5!!

Highly recommended and would make an excellent Christmas present for the younger members of the family. At £89.99 this is excellent value for money. 

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Leap Frog here.

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