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Hey That’s My Fish Review

Reviewed by David Savage

Hey, That’s My Fish! Is a strategy game where the object is to collect and many fish as you can. Suitable for 2-4 players from age 8+. I played this game with my 11 year old niece.

Box contents:
– 60 Ice Floe Tiles
– 30 One-fish Tiles
– 20 Two-fish Tiles
– 10 Three-fish Tiles
– 16 Coloured Penguins (4 per colour)
– 1 Instruction Sheet

Game Setup
The game setup is very easy. On first play you will need to remove the 60 tiles from the card they come on. Shuffle the tiles and place them face down on the table. Then flip them over so you see the fish and make 8 rows (7 top row, 8 next row etc…) which is the game board. We were playing a 2 player game so each player uses four penguins each (of the same colour) and places them on any of the one-fish tiles. Once all the penguins were placed on the board we were ready to start playing.

Game Play
The youngest playing gets to start first. You are able to move your penguin across as many tiles as you like but only in a straight line removing the tile that you originally started from and adding it to your collection. It is then the next players turn. If there is a missing tile you cannot jump it, it there is another penguin in the way you cannot land on the same tile or jump it. When your penguin cannot make any more moves it must be removed from the board. This continues until all the penguins have been removed. The player with the most number of fish is the winner (adding up the quantities on the tiles that you have collected), if all players have the same number of fish then the winner is the player with the most number of tiles.

Hey, That’s My Fish! Is a very simple game to setup and play. We had lots of fun playing it and my niece enjoyed it so much that she taught her older sister to play. A great game of strategy to try and land on the tiles with highest fish value by thinking ahead, planning your moves and blocking your opponents penguins to achieve your goals.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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