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Leaning Tower Cups Review

Reviewed by Lorna Templeton

No kitchen is complete without a few novelty items to provide character and intrigue. Where did they get that? And more to the point, why?

Luckily, these Leaning Tower Cups by Thumbs Up are practical as well as quirky. We’ve been using them as espresso cups, but they can just as easily work as serving dishes for sauces, condiments and olives or for plating up kids’ food.

These 6 cups, that each measure 6.5cm high and have a diameter of 6.5cm, stack together to make 18.8cm tall tower.

Stacked on the shelf, the leaning tower effect is pretty eye catching, even if it does make you pine for Tuscany on a grey British “summer” morning! And yes, the tower does stay upright!

A perfect gift for any kitchen!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from Now Laugh here.


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