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Koppaberg Mixed Fruits Cider Review


Reviewed by Lindsay Burton

Coming to the end of summer, moods get a bit low and the weather is renowned for being rubbish. Children have gone back to school and the general summery atmosphere has depleted into something slightly depressing. I decided to try and capture the last essence of summer for 2021 and my tipple for this celebration was Koppaberg Mixed Fruits cider.

I opened the first can and was pleasantly surprised by the refreshing taste of raspberries and blackcurrant, almost like an alcoholic XXXXX (editor’s note – brand name removed). I drank it ice cold while sitting in my hot tub and it went down a treat! The second can followed suit and I was definitely getting into the swing of things, the sweetness almost lulls you into a false belief that you are only drinking ordinary pop! With an ABV of 4%, the subtle influence totally relaxed me and it truly delivered a unique and tropical taste which is refreshing to the last drop. By can four, summer had returned to my back garden and regardless of the overcast sky, I was in a tropical world of my own!

Brought to you by Kopparberg, the original fruit cider brand. Skål! Kopparberg Mixed Fruit Cider delivers a delicious punch of raspberry and blackcurrant flavour. Refreshingly light, Kopparberg Mixed Fruit Cider is the taste of summer and the perfect drink for relaxing in the sun (or on any day to be honest).

Built back in 1882, the Kopparberg Bryggeri remains independent and is home to this uniquely refreshing fruit cider. 36 craft brewers joined forces to what today still remains as Kopparberg’s Bryggeri. Generations of local families have worked for the brewery and our people will always be one of our keys to success. A pioneer, Kopparberg was the first fruit cider in the UK and is today the bestselling fruit cider brand in the UK. Every drop of Kopparberg is imported and made from the fermentation of apples or pears and the finest soft water, locally sourced in the town of Kopparberg, Sweden.

I love this fruit cider – a huge hit with me – lovely in the summer with some ice and some lime! And possibly even some lemonade.

Allergy Information
Contains Sulphites to Preserve Freshness.
Tasting Notes
Bursting with the tangy flavours of pineapple, mango and passionfruit, Mixed Fruit Tropical is an exotic twist on the classic apple-based Kopparberg favourite.

Kopparberg cider flavours include Pear, Sweet Apple, Cherry, Strawberry, Strawberry & Lime, Mixed Fruit, Blueberry & Lime, Elderflower & Lime, Rhubarb, Raspberry, Passionfruit, Rosé, Spiced Apple, Summer & Winter fruits, plus alcohol free varieties. This Swedish cider brand has also recently expanded its spirits portfolio with the launch of a gorgeous flavoured vodka range. Kopparberg Flavoured Vodka comprises three flavours: lemon, passionfruit, and strawberry and lime.

Each bottled at 37.5% ABV, Kopparberg Flavoured Vodka will retail for RRP £18 per 700ml bottle.

Koppaberg Mixed Fruits are very cost effective and are available at £11.50 for a case of 12x330ml cans. This is a definitely a favourite of mine, one to try if you like fruity cider!

Rating: I rate this product as 5/5!

RRP: £11.50 (case of 12x330ml cans)

This product can be purchased from Tesco here.

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