Knightor NV Brut Sparkling Wine Review


Knightor NV Brut Sparkling Wine

Reviewed by Shelly Harper

Knightor produce fine sparkling and still white and rosé wines from the harvest of their own Cornish vineyards and other English growers, from grapes usually taken from low yielding vines to ensure high quality. As a boutique producer Knightor make runs of between 1500 and 8000 bottles by fermenting varietals separately and blending them where relevant to achieve the desired balance and character. There is a huge range of styles and quality levels produced in England and the good wines are gaining real ground and becoming popular with both the critics and the consumer. With English wine the difference is generally the lightness of styles – this is their hallmark and also what they can do really well, and although some wines in their range have more fruit weight than many you’d get from other countries (things like Picpoul de Pinet or Muscadet Sur Lie), they all retain an elegance that is part of the inherent character of English wine.

Whilst Knightor do not believe that winning medals is a reliable guide to finding the best quality, all of their wines to date have won silvervare, with the Trevanion also beating all corners to win the Montague Trophy for Best Presented English Wine at the UKVA national awards in 2012.

I was lucky enough to review a bottle of Knightor NV Brut Sparkling wine in which the wine maker notes “This wine is about pure fun and enjoyment. This is our standard offering, with vintage wines only being made in the best years and from the best parcels. It does not desire to look like champagne or follow any other model apart from that it should be seen as ‘English Sparkling Wine’. On the nose it is elegant, with light floral aromas, peach and apple like fruit, and subtle lees notes. Despite the dosage being at the Brut level, it also has plenty of fruit flavour which along with its vibrant and fresh mousse makes for a fuller more jovial style.”

I personally like to enjoy a nice sparkling wine, Cava or Prosecco at least once a week with my particular favourite being from a well known Australian brand but I sometimes find the drinks heavy or gassy which is not always enjoyable when you having a nice meal or socialising with friends. I did expect a similar experience with the Knightor NV Brut Sparkling wine but I’m pleased to say this was not the case and I found the wine to be light and refreshingly smooth with a very fruity flavour which went perfectly well as an accompaniment to the king prawn spaghetti I was enjoying at the time.

I would say that although Knightor NV Brut Sparkling wine would go perfectly with any fish dish, I could definitely see myself thoroughly enjoying this wine with friends or even at a celebratory event as it would suit most palettes with its mellow, zesty aroma and delicate aftertaste.

Definitely a quality sparkling wine I would recommend.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £27

Available to buy from Knightor here.

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