Just Henry Review

Just Henry
Just Henry

Reviewed by David Savage


Starring: Josh Bolt and Sheila Hancock

Just Henry is based on the book written by Michelle Magorian.

Set in 1949 in Northern England, Just Henry is about a teenage boy whose war hero dad dies during World War II. Suffering from nightmares, resentment of his mother remarrying and his dislike for his stepdad he escapes through his love of the cinema and photography.

A teacher at school teams him up with Grace, a new student, and Paul Jefferies to do a school project together. His hatred for Jefferies causes him trouble but between Grace and his teacher he is persuaded to work with him. His dislikes him so much as his father was a deserter during the war.

He mysteriously receives his father’s war medal in the post and a strange man appears in a photograph he has taken. He is convinced his father is alive but nobody believes him.

After a visit to his father’s grave, his father reappears. This makes him happy but is the start of a lot of other problems starting with the fact that his mother has married another man and is pregnant with his child. The more he gets to know the more is revealed about the awful truth about his father is and the source of his nightmares.

This is a great, thoroughly enjoyable drama. It is extremely well written and very well acted by the entire cast. This is a heart-warming and tragic tale which will keep you entertained.

Rating: 5/5

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