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Joules Jewellery Travel Case From Prezzybox Review


Reviewed by Laura S


Joules is a British company that was established in 1977 and is best known for its bright and vibrant designs and prints that add a twist to traditional styles.  Nearly 50 years later, Joules is still leading the market with vibrant designs and prints from clothing footwear to home wear.  With products available to now purchase from a range of retailers.
Joules has kept up with market trends and changes.

I love wearing jewellery and taking it with me when travelling but always worry about getting lost in my luggage if travelling via air or damaged.  It is a challenge to keep everything together, safe & secure without using individual pouches or finding a jewellery case big enough.  So, more often than not, I have to streamline what I take, which is far from ideal, and something is annoying if I wish that I actually had taken something different.

The Joules Travel Jewellery Case is perfect for travelling.  It is not a fancy, awkward shape but a very sensible square shape.  It fits in hand luggage easily or snuggly in your suitcase.  The case is very stylish, with a beautiful wildflower picture on the top and body orange and white stripes.  The outer is made from recycled PU.  The attention to detail is perfectly executed with a smooth zip to close the case and lock in the contents.

The interior is a lovely, vibrant orange colour with a luscious velvet interior.  To keep everything snug and secure.  It is soft to the touch.
The case is divided into two same-sized square sections, and a large rectangular section with an elasticated velvet pocket inside the lid.
The case is generous in size, measuring: 13.5cm x 13.5cm x 5.5cm.
I really love the case.  Flowers and orange colour are my favourites, it reminds me of a happy summer’s sunny day.  It was big enough to hold all a wide selection of jewellery safely, and due to the generous size, I could also fit in my watch.  This was a real bonus as I have previously been unable to find a case big enough.
All of my jewellery felt safe and secure during transit with no damage.

Why I love this jewellery case:
-generous size
-several compartments
-outer made from recycled PU
-modern and beautiful decoration.

The one thing that would improve the case for me is if there was a holder to pin my earrings into.  To keep them more secure and easier to find.

The Joules Jewellery Case is a beautiful Christmas gift for a female of all ages or a gift for beauty lovers.  The design is modern and functional.  It is perfect for travelling or having it on display in your room.

The price well reflects the design and, quality, and ethical considerations of using recycled materials.

I definitely recommend this as a gift and know it will be loved.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Can be purchased from Prezzybox here.

RRP: £30, currently on offer for £25.

N.B- jewellery in the case is for illustration purposes.

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