Joe And Seph’s Milk Chocolate Popcorn Slab And Joe And Seph’s Budweiser Gourmet Popcorn Review


Reviewed by Helen O

Having tried Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn on a few occasions previously, I was really pleased to be allocated the Joe & Seph’s Milk Chocolate Popcorn Slab and Joe & Seph’s Budweiser Gourmet Popcorn to review and couldn’t wait for my parcel to arrive. So it was very fortunate that the items arrived really quickly!

The Milk Chocolate Popcorn slab (115g) and the Budweiser Gourmet Popcorn (75g) arrived in an outer cardboard box and were protected from movement in transit, so arrived in excellent condition. The Popcorn slab was in an attractively packaged cardboard box, with a window allowing me to see what was inside and it looked delicious. The Budweiser Gourmet Popcorn was packaged in a clear plastic pouch, with a cardboard label at the top, carrying the Budweiser branding. The cardboard packaging was recyclable in my normal household collection and the plastic was recyclable via the single use plastic collection at my local supermarket.

The Milk Chocolate Popcorn Slab is described as salted caramel popcorn smothered in silky Belgian chocolate. It is hand made and boy, it didn’t disappoint, it was an absolute treat! In fact, once my husband and I opened it, it didn’t hang around for very long. It’s the perfect mix of chocolate and popcorn, the two different textures complemented each other so well. I wouldn’t hesitate on recommending the Popcorn slab to anyone, it was wonderful. Joe & Seph’s also make a White Chocolate and Raspberry Popcorn Slab, which looks delicious too and will certainly be next on my list to try.

Joe & Seph’s Budweiser Gourmet Popcorn was a revelation – it is described as air-popped popcorn, hand-coated in smooth butter caramel and finished with 17% Budweiser beer. Not being a beer drinker (or a fan of the taste at all), I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the product. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. The flavour was relatively subtle, but surprisingly more-ish and actually I would eat it again. It also had a really nice crunch to it. My husband enjoyed the popcorn alongside a bottle of beer, for a Saturday night treat.

Joe & Seph’s are a family run business, which started in 2010, with a mission to produce the best tasting popcorn in the world. To date they have won 82 great taste awards, which is testament to how well they’re doing with their mission. After tasting these products, it’s clear to see why they’ve won so many awards.

The Popcorn Slab and the Gourmet Popcorn contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are vegetarian friendly and in addition to this, the Popcorn slab is also gluten free.

The Milk Chocolate Popcorn slab has an RRP of £8, which on first glance seems relatively high for the size, however, given that the product is handmade and would make a lovely gift, particularly with Father’s Day coming up, I don’t think it is over-priced. The Budweiser Gourmet Popcorn has an RRP of £4, which I think is a very reasonable price for the size of the pack and given it’s a specialist flavour. It would be an absolutely perfect gift for Father’s Day and I’m sure would be very well received.

If you sign up to Joe & Seph’s newsletter, you can also expect to receive 5% off your first order. There is a £4 postage and packaging charge, with free delivery available for orders over £35.

Rating: 5/5

RRP Joe & Seph’s Milk Chocolate Popcorn Slab (115g) – £8
RRP Joe & Seph’s Budweiser Gourmet Popcorn (75g) – £4

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