Jersey Boys At Aylesbury Waterside Theatre Review


Reviewed by Amanda Dando

Opening night for Jersey Boys at the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury. A great theatre to see, in my opinion, one of the best musical shows you could want to see live on stage. No matter where your seat, I think you will always feel you have one of the best in the house. I love The Waterside, the staff are always friendly and efficient, especially in these post covid times, tickets are checked and you are into the theatre in no time at all.

I decided tonight of all the shows we have seen together, that’s me and the husband, Jersey Boys would be his all time go to blue show, blue as in blue for men, pink for girls. It’s most definitely the only show he has seen four if not five times, and the only one he says the words before the actors do. It didn’t disappoint tonight. The headline says four guys, four stories, and I guess that’s the attraction. The worldwide phenomenon that is Or was, Franki Valli (Valli with an I) and the Four Seasons is a legendary story of the four singers from New Jersey.

The soundtrack of a lifetime of success, drama, hard word, heartbreak, these guys lived the ultimate dream but paid a heavy price. I’m a massive fan, so it wasn’t hard to please me this evening. Jersey Boys for me is the gift that keeps on giving. Ryan Heenan was tonight’s Frank Valli and he was simply outstanding, fantastically supported by Blair Gibson as Bob Gaudio, Christopher Short as Nick Maddi and Dalton Wood as Tommy Devito. Standout moments was the opening of the show, that young man could move!

You can’t help be riveted to the story and backgrounds of all involved in the rise and falls that affected the group over a vast amount of years. Were any of them truly happy despite all the fame and fortune, I guess we will never really know. What you do know is they produced some hits that we won’t ever see in our lifetimes again. I love so many I guess that’s why it’s such a huge favourite of mine, standouts tonight being Cry for Me, Sherry, Walk Like a Man, but my all time favourite would be My eyes adored you. These guys were awesome, and not one number wasn’t note perfect. It’s most certainly one of those shows that gets your toes tapping from the off, and you don’t stop until they do. I really didn’t want it to end, it’s a fascinating story, and to be honest who knows what else went on. All we can know is they were legends of their time, and to some extent those still with us continue to be so. We should all know the Jersey Boys story, they are stars and those actors and actresses who got up on stage tonight told the story well. Their performances were all outstanding, I would go back tomorrow if I could. Don’t think twice, go get yourself a ticket. Cheesy but true … ooooh what a night.

Rating: 5/5
Tickets cost from £13.00 plus transaction fee £3.80
Jersey Boys is at The Waterside Theatre Aylesbury from 22 November to 26 November 2022 for more information or to book tickets visit
Or call the box office on 020 7206 1174
Aylesbury Waterside Theatre Exchange Street Aylesbury HP20 1UG

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