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Jasmine Silk Pillowcase And Eye Mask Review


Reviewed by Freya Knudsen

At any age, it is important to make yourself feel fabulous. Self-care especially in Covid times has become ever more imperative and as you get older there’s something to be said about finding happiness in life’s little luxuries.

I felt fortunate to be given the opportunity to review both Jasmine Silks Ultimate Silk Pillowcase and Silk Eye Mask, both in black. The items arrived in clear plastic sleeves with a Jasmine Silk branded inserts. I was particularly pleased to note the items were machine washable at 30degrees.

Both products are made from 100% mulberry silk.

Silk Eye Mask

My first impressions of the mask were positive, having never previously slept wearing an eye mask I was intrigued if I would get on with it.

The eye mask itself has an adjustable elastic head strap for comfort and fit and there is an additional flap under the eyes and across the nose for ultimate coverage. When you put the eye mask on it blocks out virtually all light with the soft silk padding adapting to my face contours and enabling sleep in complete darkness. When combined with some earplugs it helped to block out distractions and help switch my brain off for a better night’s sleep.

We have a streetlamp just outside the house, it is just at that height that regardless of having blinds and curtains a certain amount of light always floods the room. It can therefore be difficult to fully switch-off. This has become invaluable in gaining complete blackout comfortably.

This would also be an ideal item for long distance travel, in a car or plane ride or otherwise to block out distractions and remove the struggles of sleeping in such locations.

I had a little read on reasons for using silk eye masks on the company blog and noticed that they’re particularly good for those suffering from sensitive skin conditions such as eczema. This should come as no surprise as the mask is silky soft against skin and gently moves over skin without any tugging or creasing.

Particularly interesting is that silk eye masks have natural moisturising properties, keeping moisture close to the skin and preventing overnight trans epidermal water loss – which prevents dry under eyes. The first time I slept with this over my eyes, it must be stated I can wake up to flaky dry undereyes and redness. When I woke up my undereyes felt a little more plump than usual and there was no flakiness. I also read that if you continue to wear the masks overnight it can reduce dark circles and assist in slowing the aging process. That sounds like an easy deal to keep your skin looking it’s best to me!

Ultimate Silk Pillowcase

As an allergy sufferer I was delighted to see that the pillowcase was allergy free and asthma safe. A little research tells me that the fibres have a natural resistance to dust mites, mould and other allergens. Anything I can do to help reduce the sniffles and watering eyes; I am all for it!

A little research educates on so many reasons to switch from cotton bedsheets, but specifically pillows to their silk counterpart. As mentioned above, silk enables retention of moisture, allowing your skin and hair to stay moisturised and soft, because it does not attract and absorb all the natural oils present from your skin. By this reckoning, a cotton pillowcase comparatively picks up dirt and oil and overtime could contribute to breakouts and clogged pores.

On the packaging the benefits also mention silk containing natural proteins and 18 amino acids. They create a protective barrier, help with the skins building blocks and preserve moisture (in my understanding.) I could go on with benefits of silk bed linen, but this was more than enough reason for me to give it a shot. I wasn’t disappointed. My second day hair stayed shiny and had less frizzy baby hairs. I welcome good hair days but even more so if it happens after a non-hair wash day. As a busy woman, easy maintenance is key! This pillowcase helps with beauty sleep. I’ve seen numerous health-conscious celebrities mentioning the benefits of silk pillowcases and their dedication to them – Kourtney Kardashian being among them. It’s also backed up by science with benefits of helping with fine lines and wrinkles. I’m excited to use this pillowcase over time and see if these benefits are realised, but from my short use I’m already enjoying the items.

We have been having somewhat of a hot spell in this last week, I noticed that using a sleep mask and pillow helped regulate my body temperature and keep cool. It has got me thinking that I should probably invest in a full set of bedding to include a duvet cover and sheet, as it kept me so cool. Looking on website, it seems to also have this same ability all year round meaning you keep cool in Summer and stay warm in Winter. Perfect for someone like me who is greatly affected by temperature in terms of quality of sleep.

Overall these are really affordable options for a great gift to yourself, or a loved one that needs a little luxury.

Ultimate Silk Pillowcase

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £25.00

This product can be purchased from the Jasmine Silk website here.

Eye Mask

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £11.00

This product can be purchased from the Jasmine Silk website here.

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