Jane Fonda AM PM Yoga Review

Jane Fonda AM/PM
Yoga for Beginners

Reviewed by Karen Curson

Having never done yoga before, but having done numerous exercise DVD's, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

On the first evening, I popped the DVD in the player and got ready to begin my workout. I was pleasantly surprised to see that each section (AM and PM) were split down into subsections, i.e. mobility, relaxation etc… I completed one section at first which was roughly 10 minutes long. It eased me in gently and taught some basic yoga moves. Over the next few days, I put numerous sections together to complete a longer workout.

The team consists of three ladies in each workout, Jane Fonda and two others. One lady completes the workout at a more advanced level. I therefore feel that I could use this DVD over again, and as I become more confident, progress to the harder levels.

The music is simple, and plays gently in the background and therefore gives a relaxed atmosphere.

Another plus point is that you need very little equipment to complete the workouts, a chair, a soft mat and weights (or water bottles if you don’t have weights).

This is a beginners DVD, so if you have done yoga before I would suggest buying a DVD aimed at a higher level.

 ABS & BACK (AM): 
Strengthen and tighten your core to increase stability and support of your lower back
ENERGY (AM): Increase your energy and get ready for the day with light stretches and basic yoga poses
STRENGTH (AM): Engage your entire body with yoga and traditional weight training routines
MOBILITY (PM): Grab a sturdy chair and get ready to release all the stress from your active day
RELAXATION (PM): Relax and feel the tension release by gently stretching your core, shoulders, hips, back and legs

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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