JAM Live Loud Truly Wireless Earbuds Review

Reviewed by David Ashworth

When searching for wireless headphones the limitless choices can be as daunting as the price. Is it really worth paying hundreds of pounds, simply so you don’t have to suffer the annoyance of catching your wire and yanking your earbuds out during the best part of your favourite song? I love listening to music, it makes even the most boring of jobs that little bit more bearable but obviously I don’t want to inflict my questionable taste in music on the unsuspecting public, but I’ve avoided buying wireless headphones for a very long time simply because the price of this luxury item generally seemed far too rich for my wallet. Also you hear terrible horror stories of how awful they can be to link up to your devices and when you do the sound quality isn’t all that great anyway. So when I received the JAM Live Loud Truly Wireless Earbuds for review, my expectations weren’t all that high… how wrong I was!

First of all, the presentation of the earbuds is fantastic. They are incredibly sleek and stylish and although I don’t normally like in ear earphones, instead favouring over the head headphones, the Live Loud Earbuds are really comfortable to wear. After getting use to them for a few minutes I actually forgot I was wearing them. They also come with three different sizes of earbuds which are interchangeable to maximise comfort and allow them to fit securely into different ear sizes and shapes.

Another fantastic feature is the charging dock, which also acts as a magnetic case to safely store the earphones when not in use. The case is literally small enough to fit in the change pocket of your jeans, making it ideal and discreet when listening to music on the go or when working out, cleaning the house or whatever else you could possibly find yourself doing.

As mentioned, the case also acts as a charging station for the headphones and can add up to 12 hours of playtime whilst on the go, it is charged via a USB which comes with the earphones.

Before I explain the process of connecting the earbuds to my mobile phone so I could actually start using them for their intended purpose, I just want to point out that I’m technically challenged. I can just about find my way around my laptop and mobile phone enough to function in my day to day life but anything more advanced than that and I fumble around like a brain-dead llama with a bag over its head. So the prospect of having to connect wireless earbuds seemed daunting to say the least. The instruction manual for using the earbuds, although lacking any actual words (instead relying on illustrations) is easy enough to understand but doesn’t actually tell you how to connect them to your devices, simply what to do once this task is achieved. Luckily for me connecting them was as simple as 1…2…3.

All you have to do is switch on your Bluetooth on your phone and let it search for pair-able devices, once the Jam earbuds are located you can pair them and away you go (you have to pair the left and right ones separately). You can also find helpful hints and instructions on the company’s website if you are having trouble. The earbuds can be used for music, videos or phone calls and the sound quality is excellent. It is at this point the instruction manual comes in handy as with a simple push of the buttons on the outside of the left and right ear pieces you can learn to switch between songs, pause and restart your music and answer phone calls without ever having to look at your phone.

As much as I loved this product, I did find a few small nit-picks with the Jam Live Loud Truly Wireless Earbuds.

The first thing that stood out was that although you can perform many functions by pressing the buttons on the back of the ear pieces, there is no volume control on the earphones or charging case, making this literally the only thing you have to take your phone out to control but perhaps the most obvious design flaw.

Also, the Bluetooth range is listed at fifty feet, but I found it to be considerably less. To test it my son and I experimented by having him slowly walk away with my phone whilst I was listening to music and he made it from my living room to my kitchen before I started losing connection and a few steps later I had totally lost all sound through the earphones, this is a distance of roughly 20-25 feet. Please be aware though that we were separated by a wall and this may not have been a problem if we were unobstructed.

My last concern was with the sound quality during calls, which was considerably worse than when listening to music and limited to the left earphone exclusively. That is not to say that the sound quality is bad on calls, just that there is a noticeable difference between calls and music quality.

Despite these minor issues I absolutely love the Live Loud Earbuds by Jam. They are comfortable and work really well with my Android phone. They take literally seconds to set up and can last three hours on a single charge or up to 12 hours with the compact charging case.

They are a great gift idea for music lovers with busy lives or gym buffs and the best part is they are very reasonably priced by comparison to more upmarket brands, this is a huge factor as they work just as well but will not break the bank. They are sweat resistant (IPX4 water resistance) making them ideal for jogging or exercise and the carry case/charger fits snugly in your pocket. The sound quality is excellent and despite having them at a high volume my family were not disturbed by my music when I had them in my ears, in fact they couldn’t hear them at all.

Despite the much lower price I honestly couldn’t find any discernible difference between the Jam earbuds and top market brands, I would strongly recommend these as an alternative before spending extortionate amounts on the fancy branded earbuds.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £49.99

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