Interview with Stacey Solomon

We recently had the opportunity to ask Stacey Solomon some questions about her career and her life, here are her answers.

Interviewed by Jackie Rice



 You have an amazing singing voice, do you have any future plans for releasing a single?
Absolutely, I am in the studio recording at the moment and am so excited for the future. I love writing music and am really proud so far of what I have done.

Apart from being crowned Queen of the Jungle, what was the best thing about I’m a Celebrity?
Jumping out of a plane was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had – it felt like I was flying! I feel like it was a real achievement and I am so glad I did it! But I did miss my little man so much!

What was the worst?
Going to sleep in the outdoors with all the creepy crawley’s. I used to go to sleep with my hand over my mouth – haha! And the rain! There was so much rain when we were there and everything got flooded and waterlogged.  I felt like I was constantly damp.

What was it like living in the X-Factor house with all the other contestants?
So much fun! We were like a family and supported each other throughout the whole time we were there.

You’re a very busy lady, how do you make time for family?
It is hard but whenever I can I try and get back in time to put my son to bed. I am passionate about making time for my boyfriend and my son.

You must have missed your son terrible whilst partaking in reality shows, how did you cope with that?
I did miss him so much but I had such great support from everyone in the jungle. It made it all the more special when I did get out and see Zack – I just didn’t want to let him go ever!

What’s it like to be the new face of Iceland and Boux Avenue?
It’s amazing. I feel so privileged to have been asked to be involved with two such great companies. And I have had so many amazing experiences already from having worked with them – I love every minute of it.

You’re always so happy and jolly even when you’re forced to eat bugs – how do you constantly remain so positive?
From my point of view, I am so lucky to be doing exactly what I love how could I ever be miserable? I get to meet amazing people, support my family and experience things I never thought I would in my life. I am not going to waste time dwelling on small stuff because life is way too short.

Any plans to be involved with more reality TV shows?
Not at the moment but I never say never!

What does the future hold for Stacey Solomon?
Who knows! I’ve got some really exciting projects in the pipeline – I have just launched my new perfume too called “Smile”. I am really excited about everything so watch this space!

Read more about Stacey on her official website at:

Read more about her new perfume here.

Also, Alan Day are holding a pink party on Friday (28/10/11) in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness where all the staff will be dressed up in pink and they will dress the show rooms with pink decorations. Stacey’s signed book will be being sold as well as cupcakes and all proceeds will go the charity.

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