Interview with Jill Winternitz from Dirty Dancing on Tour


Interview with Jill Winternitz from Dirty Dancing on tour

Dirty Dancing is currently on tour and now showing at the Edinburgh Playhouse until Saturday 12 January 2013.

We recently went to see the show and it was great, read our review here. We also interviewed Jill Winternitz who plays the part of Baby Houseman.

Interview Stella Young & Debbie Talbot

Why do you think that the popularity of the film has lasted so long?
The essence and heart of the story is timeless, and transcends the original era and even genre of the film. The audience can relate to the magic of a first love and the conviction of staying true to your beliefs and taking charge of your life.

How is the tour going?
Wonderfully! We have had the most enthusiastic reception across the UK. It’s very humbling.

Do people dress up as characters from the story?
I haven’t seen that yet, but I have spotted quite a few “I carried a watermelon” T-shirts at the curtain call!

What made you want to be involved with the show?
I love the message of this story and Baby is such a strong, passionate and generous character. It was an honour to be offered the role.

Did you have to learn a lot of new dance moves?
Yes! Just about all of them are new to me. I don’t have a background in ballroom or Latin. I took some mambo and salsa classes during auditions, but that was only the beginning!

What is your most memorable funny moment during a performance?
Once when I was doing a quick change into my print dress for Time of My Life, the zip broke and my dresser had to put big safety pins in it to keep it in place. It was pretty nerve wracking but the dress did manage to stay on till the end – thanks goodness!

Does the audience get up and dance? How does that feel?
More often than not, the audience are up and dancing with us at the end during Time of My Life. As a cast, we just love it! The energy is so positive and infectious.

Has anyone tried to get up on stage and dance with you?
Haha! Not as yet! But hey, who knows what the future holds!?

How does it feel to carry on the legacy of such a high profile story?
I feel so grateful to be part of such a brilliant show and carry on sharing the world of Kellermans with new audiences. Blessed is the only way I can describe it.

We wish the show and the cast good luck with the tour and tickets are available now from here.

PHOTO: Jill Winternitz and Paul Michael Jones – photographer Alastair Muir

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