Interview with Alan Day


We recently interviewed Paul Tanner
from Alan Day Volkswagen


Here are our questions and his answers.

How long has dealership been established?
39 years

Where are your dealerships?
City, Hampstead, Southgate & Croydon

Who are your main customers? People buying new? Used? Businesses for fleets?
Retail is roughly split 50/50 between new and used. We get a lot of repeat customers and recommendations due to our high level of customer satisfaction. It is an estimated 60/40 male to female split (although tend to see more couples at weekends) and age range roughly from late twenties to late forties

Can you please outline what special days, like charity days, you run?
Recently run a pink day in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Have you got any special deals at the moment?
Always have lots of deals running for new cars, used cars, after sales servicing and premier card holders. All are found on our website.

Why should people buy from you?
We’re a family business and pride ourselves on offering personal service and high levels of customer satisfaction. We have a high number of customers that return to us because they like our personal touch and friendly atmosphere. Customer service is more important to us than any other aspect of our business.

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