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Interview – Sharon Crowley Of Time To Believe

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I am delighted to have interviewed the wonderful Sharon Crowley of Time To Believe.

What was your background prior to doing what you do now career wise?

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur I started out as a Bank Manager and retrained to become a Math Tutor. The last few.years I worked Part Time as an Operations Mgr with MIB International.

How did you come to start your business and when?

I certified as a Numerologist in 2021 during the pandemic after having one of those realisations of why is this happening, what am I supposed to be doing and leaning into spirituality through peers.

What would you say have been your biggest challenges along the way?

Truly trusting myself and overcoming all the hurdles many entrepreneurs go through such as procrastination and imposter syndrome.

Which tools or resources would you recommend to others?

Journalling helped me immensely, it helped me write down my true thoughts without outside noise.

Are there any business networking events or memberships that you would recommend?

Cannot recommend MIB International enough, it was such an honour to work so closely with CEO Leona Burton. They provide child friendly networking events across the globe for mums in business and their membership offers everything a mum in business would need to both get started and continue their self employed journey. 

Do you have anything exciting coming up that you would like to tell us about?

Apart from lots of quality me time, my main goal is to share my love of Numerology and how it can help many, find themselves like it helped me and work with it daily to live in flow rather than on the go. Lots of digital products coming soon to help. 

Which activities do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I’m a Personal Development junkie and love reading and learning but at the weekends I do like a glass of Prosecco or two with my husband.  

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