International Stars of Magic and Variety at Buxton Opera House Review

ibmInternational Stars of Magic and Variety
Buxton Opera House

10 September 2016


Reviewed by Debbie Lowndes

My husband, daughter (15) and I had a magical experience attending a review at Buxton Theatre to see the International Stars of Magic and Variety.

We attended the evening performance on Saturday 10th September which commenced at 7.30. The performance was delayed by 15 mins due to technical issues. The performance commenced at 7.45 prompt. There was a wide variety of performers from many countries such as Spain, Ukraine, Holland and England. I found the compere Paul Stone at bit dull at times times. This maybe because he had to fill the gaps whilst the stage was being prepared in between performances. He seemed to lack material and at times the delays between the performances were longer than he had anticipated and caught him on the hop.

The opening number was The Zoe Pennington Dancers. The choreography for the dancers was good and entertaining. However, I was disappointed to see that the dancer’s feet were not pointed. This did result in a degree of elegance being lost for me personally.

Oliver Tabor was the first act upon stage. His sketch was based upon music. The magic he performed within the sketch was of great quality and amusing. He had the audience laughing.

This was followed by visualise laser show. This was a sequence of magic performed with the used of light, some of which included strobe. I found this to be an innovative and modern idea. Once again highly entertaining and captivating.

Next upon stage was Alana, she performed some mystifying magic mainly with her body parts. Which included an illusion of her head detaching from head body – bizarre!!!

John Archer from Wisbeach appeared next on the stage. He was a magician combined with a stand-up comic. He had the audience belly laughing. He also performed some good tricks as well.

The final act of the first half to take the stage was Double Fantasy. These were an illusion act. They told a great love story. They had me captivated for the whole time they were on stage.

It was interval time; we grab some ice cream. I thought this was a little pricey at £2.50 for a small tub. I understand why it was expensive, as it was locally produced. There was a huge choice of flavours though.

The second half commenced, one again the opening act was the dancers. Again they danced well and go you tapping along to the music. I am sad to say the performance once again had a lack of pointed feet.

Dion Van Rijt appeared on stage as a white rabbit. The idea behind this sketch was for him to obtain the carrot. He performed magic through the sketch and was successful in obtaining the carrot. I have to say this was my least favourite performance.

Next was David Kaplan, he was a funny and entertaining magician. Once again a fun act who had the audience laughing. He was very inventive with his music making, thoroughly entertaining!!

Eduardo Gallano the magician came on stage and performed some magic with the use of cards. Once again this was captivating, but for me it become a little boring as the same thing seemed to drag on somewhat.

Veres Illusion performed a sequence of acts. I had to say I personally found this act the best one by far. I still cannot understand how they made this happen? Well I guess that is what you call magic!!!

The venue itself was built in 1903 and the architectural if highly exquisite. It is an old fashioned theatre and a markable venue. It is clean, easy to locate. There are several bars and adequate toilets.

I would rate the show 3 out of 5 – I found it very flat at times.

Rating: 3/5

For other shows at Buxton Opera House visit www.buxtonoperahouse.org.uk.

Buxton Opera House, Water Street, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6XN | 0845 127 2190

3 Star

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