IntellectoKids Super Parents App Review

Reviewed by Sandip Stapleton

I was given access to a new parenting app for iOS called IntellectoKids Super Parents. It is a parenting app that aims to make parenting easier and less stressful on the life of a parent.

I downloaded it from the apple app store where IntellectoKids also have some other of their apps to download. The other apps look like interactive games for preschool age but I did not download them as my 2 kids are both in primary school.

IntellectoKids has been made by 2 parents so that gives you some hope that the information is topical and valid for parents of young children.  

The Super Parents app that they have is a series of tutorials that are around 30 minutes each and cover a range of topics. Some of these are about how to recover if you are an exhausted mom (aren’t we all!), raising twins, and how to explain to your young child about how babies are born.

These are really helpful if you are a first-time parent or just looking for a bit of advice about a certain topic. Raising kids is a tough time and I’m always mindful of how I approach things with my kids or how I phrase certain things so that they are not too complex or using language that frighten them. Tutorials like this are really handy as nearly everyone has access to a smart phone then days so having this advice to hand is always a plus.

Currently the app has 12 tutorials in total that are active and it looks like there is one due to be released later this month (November 2019). The topics are aimed at parents of young kids, possibly up to the ages of 6-7 years old.

There is also a tab for a discussion section but this isn’t active yet and as it states that it is to be realised soon. I don’t know what the discussion section will be like but my guess that it could be a forum-based section where parents can ask others for advice from others on a specific situation they are experience. But as I say that is just my guess.

The tutorials themselves are about 30 minutes long which does feel a tad too long but they do cover a lot. The imagery and colours are nice and keep your attention on the tutorial. The voice over is of a female with an American accent. It would be nice to have a UK voice for the UK users of this app. The pace of the tutorial information is at a good speed and the language is at a level that suits most so is accessible to most parents out there.

The app itself looks simplistic, but professional, but there doesn’t seem to be a way of searching for topics but I guess with only 12 tutorials, there isn’t much to search through. It seems to be in the very early stages if set up so it would be interesting to see how this app develops, and what other topics are covered and what that discussion section will look like.

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