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INNR Wifi Smart Bulb E27 Review


Reviewed by Mrs_Taylor

Several of my friends have smart bulbs and I love that they can turn on and off the light without leaving their seats as well as change the colour to create mood lighting, so I was thrilled to get two E27 (screw in) smart bulbs from Innr in white and colour (and you have 16 million colours to choose from!)

To set up the Innr smart bulbs you need to download the ‘innr’ app and then create an account and follow the instructions which means there is no need for a smart hub (which is great!) These instructions are incredibly simple to use and meant that each light bulb was installed and ready to use in less than 5 minutes. Firstly you take a photo of the QR code on the bulb you want to install. You then install your light, make sure the app is connected to your wifi and then allocate a location and name to the bulb.

So far I have one of the smart bulbs in my dining room and another in my lounge and they are brilliant. I love that you can change the brightness and that you have so many different colours to choose from. I have an Amazon Echo Dot and have connected the light bulb to that (it is also compatible with Hey Google and Siri shortcuts). So it means to turn the light on and off I now have three options – Alexa, the app on my phone and the actual light switch.

You can also set routines and automations for the device. This means that I can set the bulbs to turn on or off at certain times of the day (such as to wake you up at a set time in the morning) and can also set them to change to different colours at different times (such as a warmer yellow golden colour in the evening or a dimmer colour for when watching a film). I’ll be spending the coming weekend experimenting with all the different settings

I love how easy the app is to use and how quick and simple it was to install the smart bulbs. As somebody who is conscious of my environmental impact, I was sceptical about the energy rating of a smart bulb, however I was wrong! I was really pleased to find out that Innr bulbs can save you energy as they use up to 80% less energy than traditional light bulbs, which makes them all the better!

You can buy a variety of other Innr smart bulbs including one that is white with no colour and one that is suitable for a bayonet light switch.

These light bulbs are fantastic. They are incredibly easy to use and with so many different colours you can create the perfect ambience for any occasion. I’ve already ordered some more of these lights for the rest of the rooms in our house and I think I know what my family are going to be receiving for Christmas!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £22.99

You can buy these smart bulbs from Amazon here.

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