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The ultimate stocking-filler: peace of mind in the form of stylish personal safety accessories

We’ve all heard too many harrowing stories of women of all ages being targeted by criminals when alone, especially in the dark winter months.  When asked, most women admit to feeling uneasy on a regular basis, whether they’re jogging in the park, commuting, staying in unfamiliar surroundings or simply crossing a deserted car park.  ila Safety has created a series of stylish safety accessories to boost the bearer’s confidence every day.

When under threat, women often lose the ability to scream as fear-induced adrenaline courses through their bodies.  Named after the Hindu Goddess of Speech, “ila”, the alarms in the collection are designed to scream on their behalf, in order to shock and disorientate any potential attacker or thief, and to attract attention. 

Small and indisputably powerful, ila Safety's alarms unleash 130 decibels on their unsuspecting target.

The ila DUSK (RRP £15) is a stylish charm that hangs conveniently from a handbag or backpack and, when its chain is pulled out, emits an ear-piercing woman's scream, giving precious seconds to get away.

Most women get their keys out of their bags in advance of approaching their front door or car, so the ila PEBBLE (RRP £9.99) key-ring alarm is quite literally on hand in case of an attack close to home or vehicle.

The ila SPORT (RRP £19.50) is a stylish pedometer, calorie counter and personal alarm.  Clipped unobtrusively to sports clothing, the ila SPORT is easily activated with one hand, and can be switched off to avoid false alarms.

Placed on the floor against the inside of a door, the innovative ila WEDGE (RRP £14.95) emits a siren when activated, which will scare off a potential attacker or thief, warn the room's occupant and alert neighbours.

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