The charity, the Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust (The Trust) announces today at their annual conference, the launch of their free patient 4-week menu plan booklet. This full colour, A4 glossy booklet entitled, Diabetes – Everyday Eating, has been produced in collaboration with Dr Mabel Blades, a consultant registered dietitian, to help people with diabetes manage their everyday eating.

The Trust is frequently contacted by newly diagnosed patients who often feel confused by the advice that they've been given. They are told to eat healthily, stay away from sugary and fatty foods and in some cases, to lose weight – which in itself is good advice – but without the information on how to achieve this people can left floundering.


Jenny Hirst, The Trust's co-chair commented; "We have produced this booklet as a result of the 100's of people who have called our Helpline asking for advice about their diet. As one gentleman told us, 'I want to be told what I can eat – not what I can't!'  So this is the focus for our new booklet. This isn't 'dietary advice,' this is a booklet containing menu options that are realistic, affordable and based on everyday food that can be found in markets and supermarkets and corner shops."

To make it easier for patients to follow a healthy eating plan – Diabetes – Everyday Eating gives a breakdown of the calorie content, the amount of fat, saturated fat, salt and carbohydrates contained in each meal. It sets-out a structure of 3-meals a day, over a 4-week period and also has advice on snacks and takewaways.


Further information and for copies of Diabetes – Everyday Eating call the Trust's Helpline: 01604 622827 or email:

The Trust produces a wide variety of free information and is reliant totally on voluntary donations.

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