Iceland Party Food Review

Party Food

Reviewed by Samantha MacKenzie

This is the season for getting friends and families together, for a 'bit of do'! As a Mum, sometimes my Christmas can begin to feel like a major military campaign! This year, my children are finally both at school, which sounds like life should be easier, somehow it's not. Suddenly each of them is friends with 30 children and you're friends with 30 Mums. The school hall has felt like a second home to me lately, performances and the PTA Christmas Fair.

The day of the Christmas Fair upon us, and the battle for the good stalls begins, I, despite the grotto decorating, I was in the kitchen. Feeding the over excited children and the exhausted parents, that sounds like a lot more work than sitting with the raffle tickets!

Luckily for me, PTA Chair-Mum went to Iceland! We served the merry masses, hundreds of happy children and parents, all without me having a hint of a nervous breakdown. The long line to see Santa kept their spirits up with warm mini Mince Pies.

Somehow, this success led to me catering the meeting/party for the helpers. There were more than twenty people, wanting to be joyous in the local community centre, where to start? Iceland. I started cooking after lunch, had everything ready before the school run. I filled two trestle tables with food, a buffet banquet. The cooking had been fuss free. The desserts were mostly 'Defrost & Eat' -that's more my kind of cooking. I had everything from Tapas to Cheesecakes, there is truly no end to my talent!

The children loved my food; the Chicken Goujons (£1 per pack) were gone before I'd even poured the drinks. The cocktail sausages from the Ultimate Buffet Platter (£4 for a 75 pieces) were next to go. Surprising really, as the Chocoholic Platter (£5) had caught most of the Mum's attentions. The 3 for £5 mini desserts went down a mini treat too. I discreetly scoffed several Mini Bannoffee Cheesecakes. We deserved the treat, but the children soon noticed chocolate goodies, and then there were empty plates! The Chocoholic Platter was a huge hit, there were no donuts left for me. The chocolate éclairs were the star of the desserts, so I had one……. or three!

We had a lovely time, supporting our school and having a mothers meeting. The children had tried some new foods, one little girl who 'does not like beef' loved the Mini Beef Wellington (£3).

Of course I tried to convince my friends that I had slaved away in the kitchen for hours, toiling for days to create this feast. They all know me too well to believe a word of it, but everyone went away with inspiration for their party season. Chicken Goujons and Butterfly King Prawns have been added to the shopping lists!

So that's why Mum's shop at Iceland!! 

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