I Want To Do Yoga Too by Carole P Roman Review

Reviewed by Jenny Bennett

I was sent “I Want To Do Yoga, Too” written by Carole P. Roman to review and read it with my daughter aged two.

I practice yoga and my little one tends to either join which is great, or sit on me which is slightly less helpful so I hoped she’d enjoyed the book.

The book is an A5 sized paperback with some nice simple illustrations to accompany the short story. Hallie is the main character who wants to join in on her mum’s yoga class but she has to stay with a lady called Robin instead. To distract her Robin does some pretend play with Hallie and they pretend to be a tree, an aeroplane and then a snake using the accompanying yoga moves. When the time comes for Hallie to leave she says “I want to do yoga too” and Robin explains they have just been doing yoga.

It’s a nice little story of a few hundred words over seven pages that my daughter enjoyed me reading to her but didn’t understand as yet what the book was asking her to do but this would be fine for an older child. It’s also worth bearing in mind it’s an American book so if you are using it with your little one to learn spelling and reading the use of Mommy might throw them a little but its fine when you are reading it.

All in all it’s a sweet story.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £5.99 (paperback)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

3 Star

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