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Hubelino Kugelbaum Jubilee Marble Run Review


Reviewed by Debbie T

A few months ago Hubelino kindly sent my 7 year old twins their Maxi marble run to review.  You can read my review of this product here.  When we were offered the Hubelino 10th Birthday Jubilee marble run to review one of my twins in particular was extremely excited.  It arrived quickly in perfect condition due to being so well packaged.  I let my twins open the box and heard excited shrieks of ‘wow’ and ‘there are so many pieces’.   Being midst the coronavirus lockdown, it could not have arrived at a more perfect time.   We… and yes, I do mean me too, could not wait to get stuck in, having already experienced hours and hours of fun playing with the previous Hubelino product we received to review.

The box itself contains a massive 525 pieces, enough to build quite the impressive marble run.    Both of my twins were particularly fascinated with one particular piece which you put a ball on and then press a button on the back of the piece to launch the ball.  I think they would have been happy playing for hours just with that one piece.     With the last set, my sons started off by building the various designs according to the helpful and simple instructions included.  This time, my sons made up their own designs.  It has been lovely to see them working together as a team with a common goal.  The playset itself combines two of their favourite things, marble runs and construction toys.   It’s been lovely to watch them figure out which combination of parts to assemble in order to get the end result that they are wanting to achieve.  The pieces are chunky enough for their hands to be able to grip well.  My sons are 7, so within the ideal age range specified of 4+.  That said, as a 45 year old mum of 3 I could play for hours and hours with this set whilst not in the company of my sons.  It is one of those toys where once you start you keep on going until you have completed your exciting design.  I particularly like the pieces which create a bridge that the ball can roll under.  What I like most is that the set comes with a generous amount of balls, 20 in fact in 4 different colours.  This meant that we could all place our balls in various places and see what happened.  It has been such a wonderful activity to do together during the lockdown and really brings out the creative side of my sons.   There was a very cute family moment on facetime when one of my twins asked his grandad to help him build it as he said he needed an engineer.  

This set is my favourite Hubelino product so far.  I cannot wait to see what we can build if we combine both sets.   I would recommend the Jubilee marble run set wholeheartedly as well as Hubelino generally.   The quality of their products is phenomenal and I say this after accidently standing on several of the pieces.  I think this set is great for promoting childrens’ motor skills and coordination too.

Watch my video review of the Hubelino Jubilee building set here.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £225.00

This product is available to buy on Amazon here.

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