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How to Make Sense of Your Life + Wellbeing Journal Books Review (2 Minds A Path Travelled)


Reviewed by Louise Edwards

Alison Blackler is a qualified counsellor, NLP practitioner, clean language coach, and also practices hypnosis. She has put all of her wisdom into this book How to Make Sense of Your Life to give practical and useful ways for us all to improve our lives and become the best person we can be. It has taken Alison many years to write this book and she admits it has been a journey for her too. At around 400 pages this book is jam-packed with some incredibly powerful stuff.

Everyone at some point asks themselves if they feel they are on the right path in life and whether they are on this path from their own choices or from decisions other people made for them. It is so easy in our busy, sometimes stressful lives, to lose sight of the real meaning of our lives and get overwhelmed with just surviving.

The book encourages you to challenge deep-rooted beliefs and may take time to work through but it is designed to be used in a way that suits you. There are exercises throughout that you can complete as you go along or alternatively go back and revisit when you are ready. It is all about taking your time and slowly unpeeling the layers to enable you to open your mind to new opportunities and awakenings.

Alison’s writing is clear and concise and the book is very easy to read without any technical jargon which may be confusing. She explains how the brain works and why we may do things, where our belief set originates from and also how we can change this to let go of the past.

Accompanying the book is a daily journal. Here you can write your intentions for the day and then in the evening reflect on your progress. Journaling and following this path is a very powerful process – these include writing down your intentions for the day and then reflecting on those wins, what you are grateful for, and what you give yourself permission to do. The book contains 12 weeks’ worth of fun, illustrated pages, and then some final reflective exercises to take forwards.

Whilst reading the book, and I am not sure if this is the intention of it, I noticed little niggles pop into my head of things I felt I must do. These may be courses I’ve been interested in exploring or bucket list things that I have always wanted to do. It is definitely inspiring and gives you the motivation to take life by the horns and build it the way you would like. I am still working through the books but feel like they have already had a really positive impact on my life.

There is no denying that these books take effort but like everything you only get out what you put in and the rewards are worth it if you can give yourself a more fulfilled life – that is definitely worth it!?

These books would make a brilliant Valentine’s Gift for a man or woman who may feel they are stuck in a rut and looking for a new way to approach life. What better way to show someone you love them than giving them back control of their life and inspiring and motivating them to make it the best they can?

Rating: 5/5

A Path Travelled: How to Make Sense of Your Life eBook : Blackler, Alison: Kindle Store RRP £14.99


Wellbeing Journal – 2minds ( RRP £6.99

Editor’s note – I think that this book and journal would make an amazing birthday, just because, Mother’s Day or Easter gift idea. It’s also something that I think would be great for someone to buy themselves as a treat.

Editor’s note added 10/3/23 – You can read our review of Alison Blackler’s book How to make sense of relationships here.

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