How to Combine Study and Professional Sports?

Studying and going in for sports professionally is like taking a full-time position and working after-hours. School, training, competitions, and so forth, it seems to be impossible to get the timing right. Sooner or later, many student-athletes fail to withstand the stress load and thus give up on studying or training, or both, to maintain their social life. However, there is no need to make any sacrifice. All they have to do is to sort out their priorities and manage their time properly.

Most teachers believe that school is of a great importance for athletes, as they never know when they may retire from sports. They have to focus their efforts on earning a degree; otherwise, they are more likely to end up with nothing in the long run. However, this doesn’t mean that they have to give up sports. Many student-athletes claim that it is possible to combine school and training without any sacrifice. Of course, they have insanely busy schedules, but with well-developed time-management skills and discipline, it is possible to succeed professionally and academically alike. Below, there are key steps to take to manage your time as a student-athlete.

Come Up with the List of Essential Things

Take some time to decide on the things which are important to you most. These can be your relatives, friends, your school, soul-mate, job, sport, various hobbies, etc. Whatever you want can be on this list. You shouldn’t be limited to general things, include more specific ones as well. For example, replace “my job” with “be promoted to the post” and so forth.

Rank the Things in Order of Their Importance

The first place should belong to the thing which is the most essential to you with no doubt, and the things of secondary importance should come next. As soon as you rank all the things, you will get the list of your priorities. From now on, there is no need to break your head over time management, you should become more concentrated on your priority management instead.

With such a tight-knit list, you will not have to wrestle with the question of what should be done first anymore. For instance, if number 2 on your list is “school” and number 3 is “friendship”, there is no way you can give up on your homework and go out with your buds. You can obtain some writing services from Pro-Papers to get your assignments done in a quick and qualitative way, and only then you can have some leisure time. When ranking the things, it is crucial to be honest to yourself: never forego your desires, dreams, and passions; otherwise, it will be difficult if not impossible to succeed in your life.

Plan Your Schedule as Appropriate

Since both school and practice schedules are relatively unchanged, students are aware of their timetable and athletic training timing in advance. Due to this, it is possible to plan your routine as appropriate so that you have some time for your homework, competitions, meeting friends, etc. When planning, keep in mind your list of priorities and never overload your schedule. It is all right to get the things done before its due time.

As soon as you plan out your routine, you will never have to pull an all-nighter again to get a top grade. All you have to do is to place “school” high on your list and plan ahead. When you have a free moment, use it for doing your homework or exercising so that next time you can meet your peers or do other less important things with a clean conscience.

Discipline Comes First

Life has its ups and downs, and you cannot be completely confident about your nearest future: who knows what it holds. We cannot plan everything to the smallest details and stick to our plan without getting away of it ones in a while. Therefore, student-athletes always face some difficulties when trying to balance school and their passion. And only self-disciplined students can achieve their goals no matter what happens. In fact, those who want to succeed have no excuses, they can afford an opportunity to step back from their lists only if push comes to shove.

You can include all the important things in your list; however, if you lack self-discipline and are not willing to make a sacrifice in favour of your priorities, then it will not take you anywhere. If you want to succeed academically and professionally, be ready to make a lot of sacrifices. Occasionally, you will probably find yourself between a rock and a hard place, but you have to learn how to give up on something you want to do in favour of what is of a greater importance. If you sort out your priorities as appropriate, then you will be able to cope with that insane schedules effortlessly and without a shred of regret.

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